CapitaStar@Work App

Bridge+ is powered by CapitaStar@Work, your quick and easy access to your workplace community. Through the app, Bridge+ members are able to use QR or FR (facial recognition) technology to have contactless access to Bridge+ centres and book Bridge+ meeting rooms/event spaces conveniently. In addition, they also receive notifications from the wider CapitaStar@Work community about member engagement activities, F&B deals from our retailers and building-related updates.

Enrich your office experiences. Connect with your community and your workplace. Conveniently.


Members’ Perks


  • Bridge+Book Room
  • Bridge+Event Spaces
  • Bridge+QR Code
  • Bridge+Facial Recognition
  • Bridge+Events
  • Bridge+Bulletin
  • Bridge+Retail Directory
  • Bridge+Building Info
  • Bridge+F&B Order
  • Bridge+Parking
  • Bridge+Deals
  • Bridge+Contact Tracing

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