If you are interested in our APIs, please contact us at api@capitaland.com for enquiries.

Retail APIs


Reward STAR$

Reward your customers with STAR$ when they complete a task or as a welcome gift be it from your physical store or an online platform.

Reward CapitaStar Deals

Give out CapitaStar e-Vouchers to the customers who deserve them the most. The voucher will magically appear on their CapitaStar app.

Instant STAR$ Awarding

Instantly award STAR$ to your customers when you register their purchase with us. No more receipt scanning!


Accept CapitaStar e-Vouchers

Enable your platform to accept CapitaStar e-Vouchers and expand your retail benefits. Just scan and redeem!


Accept CapitaVouchers

Get real-time voucher validation when you enable your point of sale systems to accept physical CapitaVouchers.

Accept eCapitaVoucher

Be ready to accept eCapitaVouchers, a digital form of CapitaVouchers on your point of sale systems.

Manage Transactions

Manage purchase transactions registered with us. Register new transactions to award your customers STAR$ on your platform.

Verify CapitaVouchers

Check validity of CapitaVouchers instantly and reduce voucher acceptance issues.



Display CapitaStar Deals

Enrich your platform content with CapitaStar deals and increase user engagement. Customise the content to your needs.  

Display Promotion

Display tracking information of a promotion you have with CapitaStar.


Link Members

Link your member accounts with CapitaStar, identify common customers and start collaborations.

Member Activities

Display user-specific content on your platform and deliver personalised experiences to your customers.

Partner Activities

As a partner of CapitaStar, you will have access to partner-specific APIs gives you more access to our retail services.