Building People, Building Communities

Workspace of the Future

Work has become increasingly flexible and collaborative and organisations are transforming their workspaces into intentional nodes for collaboration, engagement and interaction. Here at Bridge+, we integrate conventional office space and flexible space, such as coworking and meeting facilities, into a core-flex solution that enables our tenants and members to develop a culture of innovation, promote talent attraction and retention, while optimising costs. 


Our Mission

Bridge+ by CapitaLand offers flexible workspace solutions that combine modern office necessities with dynamic programming and connects people through community events and programmes. Beyond offering flexible workspace solutions, Bridge+ sets itself apart through its ability to activate space and add vibrancy to the estate community. We do so by curating ‘tribes’ and designing opportunities for Bridge+ members, building tenants and ecosystem partners to get together, network and collaborate.

Providing on-Demand, Flexible Workspaces

CapitaLand’s Core & Flex Workspace Solutions

Bridge+ supports CapitaLand’s "core & flex" workspace strategy to provide an ecosystem of spaces, places & experiences for our corporate space occupiers. Enterprises and their employees can enjoy the experience of working in a co-working environment, and also enjoy benefits of being part of the wider building community where Bridge+ is housed in. Bridge+ supports our customer’s need for diversity of products to accommodate their workspace needs, and provide them with the peace of mind that these spaces are managed by a reputable provider like CapitaLand.

Our launch of core-and-flex helps you to achieve lease optimisation, operational agility and right-size your workspace requirements, making it an ideal solution to balance cost efficiency and growth needs. Companies can confidently access shared facilities based on their needs, without having to worry about underutilised space and high running cost. In a nutshell, core-flex can provide tenants with unparalleled flexibility and legroom for growth amid uncertainties.


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