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At Bridge+, we are committed to building communities and special interest tribes in the fields of FinTech, sustainability, blockchain, innovation, entrepreneurship and more. Our community is driven by trademark content, signature programmes and community partnerships that bring people from different backgrounds together. We curate and conduct events that cater to those passions: hackathons, training programmes, workshops led by invited speakers from industry, to encourage cross-fertilisation of ideas, multi-disciplinary collaboration and the cultivation of awareness, community and togetherness.



At Bridge+ 79 Robinson Road, we aim to play host to the FinTech community and signature industry events, to complement and nurture the growth and development of the FinTech ecosystem to drive Singapore's future economy.

As an enabler of the FinTech community, Bridge+ 79 Robinson Road has also begun to curate programmes for the FinTech community, in particular the Singapore FinTech Festival AI Demo Day, which was organised in collaboration with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in December 2020. More than 30 startups and professionals in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community gathered to pitch their ideas to the participants of the festival and discussed the merits of AI in finance.


Bridge+ places a special emphasis on building and cultivating the Sustainability tribe through creative partnerships and collaborations. We believe in bringing together the wider sustainability collective to pool knowledge, share best practices and collaborate towards larger ideas. Past examples include curating Sustainability Innovations panel discussion with Eco Business and DPA Architect at SWITCH 2020 and playing host to Ecosperity 2020 by Temasek Foundation. From Asia Pacific’s leading media organisation on sustainable development Eco-Business, to sustainability fishery Barramundi Asia, Bridge+ is home to the sustainability collective.


Our Members

Our members come from a diverse range of industries, including financial and professional services.

Our Community Partners

We believe in the power of partnership and collaboration. Here are some of our strategic partners and community builders we work with.

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