Here's What to expect

Create awareness of transitional challenges of first-time managers or team leaders and provide strategies to overcome them. As the global pandemic wears on and businesses acclimatise to the new normal of constant uncertainty, your new leaders will need to be adaptive and have greater fortitude to lead themselves, lead others, and lead their organizations.


Leaders transitioning from individual contributor roles to become first time managers of others or mid-level managers with a few years of team management under their belt.

  • Develop an awareness of your personal leadership style and understand what keeps you professionally motivated
  • Demonstrate behaviours that underpin the growth mindset
  • Build a concrete personal development plan for your leadership learning journey
  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of the importance of leadership in order to manage high performing teams, including gaining commitment and accountability from team members, and resolving conflict
  • Understand what it means to have a coaching mindset and knowing when coaching is and isn’t appropriate
  • Experience and practice the GROW model of coaching, including developing attentive listening and questioning skills
  • Build your presence and maximise your impact to create strong relationships, connect with empathy, and inspire those you lead by leveraging storytelling tools to engage your audience with authenticity and passion, all practised through theatre-based rehearsal techniques
  • Along the way, build team spirit and sense of community amongst your peer group
  • Start
  • Day 1
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    Purposeful Leadership A journey into Self Discovery (1 Day)
    Start your journey with a session in self-awareness and understanding of others as you work towards your professional and personal goals.
  • DAY 2
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    Leading a High Performing Team Adventure Simulation (1 Day)
    Experience an adventure simulation that will help you understand the dynamics of teamwork, sharpen your decision-making skills and learn how to lead a high performing team.
  • DAY 3
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    Decision Making & Risk Taking (1 Day)
    Provide a framework that allows you to make confident decisions in a complex constantly changing world.
  • Day 4
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    Executive Presence And Communication (1 Day)
    Learn from actors in the theatre world how to establish your executive presence and body language as a leader. Hone your skills in storytelling and narrative to deliver more compelling and influential presentations and pitches.
  • Day 5
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    Coaching for Emerging Leaders (1 Day)
    As a first time leader of others, learn the tools and techniques to develop your team and give constructive feedback. A hands-on session practising technique via role-plays and simulations.
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    Visual Graphic Recording (Daily)
    Capture the key learnings and summarise the key takeouts via a graphic learning summary. A great example of visual storytelling.
  • END

4-5 Days


Face to Face, Virtual or Hybrid