Energy for peak performances

Stand aside, work-life balance. Today's leaders need energy management to be at their peak. At Catapult, we believe that when you align

your physical, mental, emotional and purpose, you are the best version of yourself - a more effective leader, innovator and individual.


Catapult holds this concept as key to developing yourself as a future ready leader. Our immersive courses are designed to help leaders

sustain peak performance through an optimal balance of energy -- when body, mind, emotions, and will are aligned, a leader is at his/her sharpest.

peak performance formula
for executives

What would you do with 30% more energy? 

In today's workplace, career success no longer has to come at the expense of individual burnout. Work-life balance is no longer a myth but a necessity for employee well-being, productivity, and engagement. Join our Catapult programme to uncover the making of a resilient corporate athlete and explore the multidimensional strategies to optimise your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

resilence fuel
for leaders

Combine personal energy management with leadership development to support leaders becoming Chief Energy Officers. In this session, leaders will learn to develop sustained high performance and build resilience by leveraging body, mind, and spirit, challenging mindsets, creating awareness of emotions, and identifying & implement purpose-driven behaviour shifts to become agile leaders.


Mental and emotional factors can impact and impair concentration, decision making ability and endurance. Elite athletes know that the difference in winning is often based not on physical capabilities, but mental discipline and emotional control. Catapult works with experts in the field of sports, mindfulness and psychology to impart you techniques for tapping on stress and change as motivators.


One of the hardest questions a leader can ask is the one directed at themselves: Who Are You? Understanding your purpose is key to authentic leadership and leveraging all of the tools in your life in every issue encountered. Catapult will help you tap into your purpose to enhance communication and executive presence, lead and inspire your team, and bring yourself more satisfaction.


Courses can be customised for your organisational needs