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Founded in 2011, Lao Jiang Superior Soup has been a place that provides simple but delicious food with a taste of home.

Using a secret recipe thoughtfully formulated, our traditional soup broth is slow-boiled using fresh ingredients that are handpicked with care. The result - a rich and full-bodied Lao Jiang's Signature Superior Soup that leaves an aromatic aftertaste on your tastebud.

For years, we paired our traditional delicacies with homemade special sauces and simple cooking methods, resulting in each dish with its own unique flavor- Especially the popular "Signature Superior Soup with Dry Hor Fun" and "LaoJiang Zhu-Jiao-Cu".

Friends who dine with us can enjoy our nostalgic delicacies with warmth and happiness, reveling in the aroma and taste and remembering the Lao Jiang Superior Soup brand.

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