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Asian Cuisine , Tze Char , Seafood

POTLUCK is a Halal concept by Soup Restaurant Group Limited that offers mouthwatering and comforting HALAL zichar claypot dishes in a nostalgic old Chinatown setting that will bring you back to the Singapore of the 1960s. 

Popular Zichar dishes include signature KAHWIN Curry Fish-head which is a perfect combination of Assam with Curry, Sweet Sour Chicken Fillet, Sesame Chicken, Vermicelli Prawns and many other familiar Zichar dishes freshly prepared on the spot.

Within the rustic ambience of POTLUCK, against a backdrop of vintage black and white movies, an eclectic collection of pots, pans and cooking utensils of that era and formica chairs and tables, you’ll also be served by Ali, our ‘satay man’, Ah Huat, our ‘rickshaw boy, Ah Fong, our ‘samsui lady’, Tao Jie, our ‘Mah Jie’ and Muthu, our ‘kacang puteh’ man for an authentic back alley Chinatown experience! 

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