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Analisa perfumes are uniquely positioned in harmony with symphonies. Our perfumes are designed to evoke a sense of refined beauty just as a symphony’s melodies can evoke different emotions. Each note in our fragrances plays a crucial role, just like different notes in symphonies, contributing to a seamless transition from the top notes to the base notes, mirroring the graceful progression of a symphony. The eight perfumers in The Perfumers ’Album are all renowned perfumers who have created many well known fragrances that you are familiar with. At Analisa, you will find signature perfumes of high concentration, with long lasting character and distinctive elegance in every note.

Exclusive only in our Analisa boutique, come and enjoy a very unique experience of flying over fragrance fields in France when you smell. You will also place yourself in a creative centre without the need to travel far. Inside our boutique, there is a unique perfumery organ made up with 180 bottles of key ingredients used for crafting perfumes.

We invite you to explore our collection of perfumes. With every spray, you become a part of our fragrant symphony, creating a harmonious connection between your personal identity and the universal beauty of scent and sound. It’s a tribute to the harmonious interplay of creativity, craftsmanship, and sensory delight. For each bottle of perfume purchased by you, Analisa will donate S$5 to charity to help to educate underprivileged children and support needed families around the world together with the Givaudan Foundation.

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