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K.STAR is Singapore's first-ever and best themed karaoke bar. While the usual karaoke places simply give you a space to sing, we take it a notch higher with our novel concept featuring FUN  themed rooms catered to any and every occasion you could think of!

K.STAR at Plaza Singapura will spiral you straight off Earth into outer space with its 22 themed karaoke rooms. But this isn't the typical galaxy scene you’d expect; This futuristic set-up will truly take you out of this world with its eclectic, boundary-breaking decor that’s beyond your wildest imagination.

Step in and be greeted by our many life-sized tutu-wearing astronauts. In our galaxy, the moon is pink and planets glow luminescent - because why not? With chasing neon lights lining every doorway, it's almost like zero-gravity at work as you explore the trippy tunnels of our premises.

Each room is almost a mini world of its own, with all sorts of quirky themes ranging from anime to carnival and retro. Psychedelic with a touch of underground funk, this is where all time stops and having fun is the only thing on our minds.

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+65 6266 4688

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  • DBS (Instant STAR$®️ Earn)



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