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Pizza Maru +: Pizzamaru+ is the premium brand of the most symbolic Korean pizza brand - Pizza Maru, with more than 620 stores across Korea. Signature green tea wellbeing dough recipe is a successful patent exclusive to the brand; advocating the concept of healthy wellbeing. Besides green tea, there are also flaxseed, chlorella, barley and 12 other healthy grains added to the dough recipe. In order to introduce the best Korean food culture to the world apart from high-quality Korean pizza, Pizzamaru+ also offers Korean fried chicken, Korean pasta, Korean craft beer and many more! Seoul Yummy Chego: Chego - 최고 (Korean) : A variation on the Korean term meaning “The Best, The Pinnacle, Excellent.” We believe that food brings you life’s simplest form of joy. At Seoul Yummy Chego (최고), we focus on featuring the best from Seoul Yummy. Let us take you on a journey filled with friendship, flavour and fashion. With every bite you take, we welcome you to join us in this sweet symphony. A symphony of the best flavours, utmost love, joy and you.

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