Dive into the Dazzling Deep with the Flik Flak Shine Bright Collection

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The new Shine Bright watch collection from Flik Flak is the Swiss watch for kids who love the ocean – and all the life that thrives within it. Inspired by the marine world, each of the four Swiss made watches in the Shine Bright collection features sparkling crystal stones arranged in the shape of an aquatic creature: a crab, a dolphin, a turtle and a sea star. 

Suitable for helping children learn how to tell the time, each machine washable, BPA-free watch is designed to sit
comfortably against the skin and look the part for any occasion. All watches in the collection come with a recycled PET strap and a bio-sourced material case.

Bask in the glow of the ocean’s beauty with the Shine Bright kids watch collection from Flik Flak!

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