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Born out of love and passion for wholesome living, An Acai Affair was started by two young founders in 2016, who shared a love for Acai and sought to raise awareness about the food and its nutritional benefits such as highly anti-oxidant, anti-aging and weight loss properties.

Fresh from the tropical plains of Brazil, our açai encapsulates freshness with every bite. Get a taste of paradise with our variety of the freshest ingredients—ranging from 100% natural granola, house made almond butter, organic chia seeds and many more, all the while keeping at affordable prices for the masses. 

Come by An Acai Affair’s outlet in CapitaLand mall, Westgate and explore not only their acai bowls but also various unique acai shakes such as the Kinky Kiwi, Drivin’ Me Nuts and Water-My-Melons. So whether you’re a gym junky or simply wanting to explore healthier food options, you won’t regret giving An Acai Affair a shot.

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