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Originating from Shenzhen, Tan Yu is a restaurant which specialises in grilled fish dishes. The name of the restaurant literally translates into exploration in Mandarin, which symbolises the diner’s journey of exploring delicious fish! The specialty fish behemoth is massively popular in China with over 180 stores in 70 major cities.

Tan Yu’s menu items include 3 types of fish – Limbo, QingJiang and Sea Bass, with over 15 different flavours, namely – Green Pepper, Mixed Chillies and Soy Sauce. The signature dish is of course the Limbo Fish with Spicy sauce - succulent meat enveloped in vibrant chilli pepper and Sichuan peppercorns, it packs a distinctive “mala” flavour which is both tasty and satisfying! 

Tan Yu also offers a good mix of side dishes. Barbecue skewers such as Grilled Shrimps, Roasted Bullfrog and Grilled Enoki Mushrooms paired with gravy will tantalise your taste buds! Finish off your meal with Tan Yu’s specialty desserts such as the Handmade Double Taste Rice Cakes. Boiled and deep-fried to golden perfection, the dish helps neutralise the rich flavours after a spicy meal. 

Come tantalise your taste buds with Tan Yu at Westgate today!

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