12 Dec 2017 08:00 GMT+0800

Day 7 - Concluding our Student Immersion Programme: Will there be a surprise test?

Our young architects were anxious as they had to present their learnings and reflections to Mr Tan Seng Chai, CapitaLand’s Chief Corporate Officer and Executive Director for CapitaLand Hope Foundation, the mentors and volunteers from CapitaLand. The true surprise was how the student architects managed to absorb all they have learnt and everyone was extremely impressed with their presentation and intelligent questions. Their efforts definitely paid off!

“From the students’ sharing and the questions they have asked during their immersion programme, the students have displayed a keen understanding of design and architecture, and what it takes to manage a property. The experience has enriched their learning, and opened up new possibilities they can strive towards, creating a better future for themselves and their families.”

Mr Tan Seng Chai, Group Chief Corporate Officer and Executive Director for CapitaLand Hope Foundation

Having seen multiple properties in Singapore, the students were given a special tour by Mr Tan Seng Chai, who walked them through the upcoming development Raffles City Chongqing in China. They listened intently as he gave them an in-depth explanation of the iconic megastructure, the biggest and most complex Raffles City development that CapitaLand has undertaken thus far. 

Our student architects were also presented with a certificate of participation to thank them for their hard work throughout the immersion programme. 

With that, we’ve come to the end of our student immersion programme and our live blog! The students not only learnt a whole bunch of about architecture, they have also become friends, learning and having fun together. Along with what they have learnt, we hope the friendships they have formed will also stay with them as they grow up. 

11 Dec 2017 08:00 GMT+0800

Day 6 - Living the suite life

It’s a brand new week and our young architects are back for more! First up, they made a visit to Cairnhill Nine and Ascott Orchard Singapore, both part of CapitaLand’s landmark integrated development located in the heart of Singapore’s famous shopping district.

After lunch, the students were given a tour of Victoria Park Villas Showsuite. Slated for completion in 2018, the unique development is designed by award-winning architects - W Architects, AR43, HYLA and Studio Wils+Architects.

They also visited D’Leedon, one of CapitaLand’s largest residential development in Singapore designed by the late Zaha Hadid - arguably the most famous female architect of our time.  The distinctive organic lines of the grand development was definitely an eye-opener for our student architects! 

08 Dec 2017 16:00 GMT+0800

Day 5 - CapitaLand’s President and Group CEO drops in

Meeting the big boss and looking professional. Our student architects had a chance to speak to Mr Lim Ming Yan, CapitaLand’s President and Group CEO. The student architects shared their positive thoughts on the properties they have visited so far and about their time with CapitaLand.

The CapitaLand Young Architect Programme was introduced not only with an aim to inspire the younger generation to play a role in shaping real estate of the future; it also sets out to empower the community in rethinking the design and infrastructure of public spaces around their neighbourhood.

Mr Lim Ming Yan, President & Group CEO of CapitaLand Limited

08 Dec 2017 08:00 GMT+0800

Day 5 - Urban Planning for Singapore & leading the fun ‘lyf’

During the CapitaLand Young Architect Programme (CLYAP), they went through a three-month mentorship programme centred on participatory design, to understand the spatial needs of users of various community spaces to develop ideas for a diverse range of communal spaces, including void decks, pavilions for senior citizens and youth centres. What about the whole of Singapore?  

Our student architects paid a visit to Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA)'s Singapore City Gallery for the first time today to understand more about urban planning. Planning for tomorrow starts today! With expert mentorship from CapitaLand, our student architects might just be involved in creating neighbourhoods in the future! 

Master developers of tomorrow!

There is no better way to introduce serviced residences than with a visit to an actual apartment! Our student architects made their way to Citadines Mount Sophia Singapore where they explored the various apartment types, ranging from studios to two-bedrooms. They also went behind-the-scenes and observed how the Back of House (BOH) operates.

Next, they made a trip down to the Ascott Centre for Excellence (ACE), the global hospitality training centre of The Ascott Limited. Having undergone renovations recently, the students were treated to a tour of the newly revamped office and innovation hub. They also had a chance to view the brand new lyf show suite that was unveiled last November. Designed for millennials and managed by millennials, the students felt right at home and had fun posing for photos!

07 Dec 2017 12:37 GMT+0800

Day 4 - Green & great: Studying sustainable architecture

Time flies when you’re having fun! We are halfway into the CapitaLand Young Architect Student Immersion Programme and our young architects were given a sneak peak of the latest upcoming lifestyle and retail hub at Changi Airport today! Slated to open in 2019, Jewel Changi Airport will bring to life never seen before features such as the 14,000 square metre Canopy Park and the Forest Valley, Singapore’s largest indoor garden.   

A valuable takeaway I gained today was learning the importance of dedication and passion in whatever you are doing.

Pang Yong Ting (15, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School)

The student architects also had the opportunity the conduct an interview with the Jewel Project Team and everyone was eagerly awaiting their turn to ask questions. They left the session with a better understanding of sustainable building design and development. 

Check out the students' sketches of Changi Airport!  

06 Dec 2017 15:24 GMT+0800

Day 3 - Investigating integrated developments

Our student architects started their day with a visit to Raffles City Singapore, CapitaLand’s first integrated development. Keeping the ‘city’ running requires hard work and the student architects went behind the scenes to find out more about the complex operations behind Raffles City Singapore. They also got an opportunity to check out the 10,000 square feet urban rooftop farm featuring more than 1,600 herbs and plants across 16 varieties. These include calendula, lemon balm, cinnamon basil, peppermint and more!

Perseverance is crucial in everything that we do and I hope to apply this to my studies as I push myself to perform better.

Tan Jiayi, Joey (14, Hua Yi Secondary School)

In the afternoon, the students were given a tour of Funan Showsuite and had a chance to experience some of the features the new mall will have when completed. A unique virtual reality (VR) experience was planned to introduce this exciting mall to the student architects.

After the one-of-a-kind experiential tour, the students had to brainstorm and share their ideas as part of a challenge to create their own “Mall of the Future”.

Our student architects can really sketch! See their amazing drawings of Raffles City Singapore and Funan!

From what our mentor has shared with us today, I learnt to step out of my comfort zone and always believe in myself in order for my dreams to come true.

Fitri Andini Bte Mohd Zain (14, Ping Yi Secondary School)

05 Dec 2017 14:49 GMT+0800

Day 2 - Entering the heart of Singapore’s CBD

Student architects are back for another day of enriching fun!

First stop! Golden Shoe Car Park. The project is currently under-going redevelopment and will be ready in 2021. Mr Lai Soong Hai, Senior Manager of Product Development & Design at CapitaLand Limited accompanied the student architects to the site office and gave an in-depth explanation of what goes on during a typical site meeting. They also witnessed for the first time how Building Information Modeling (BIM) is used in a site coordination meeting.

I enjoyed learning about the different types of building layouts and how they have changed over the years, as well as how trends are always changing for the better.

Aqilah Zahidah Binte Zainal (14, Madrasah Al-Arabiah Al-Islamiah)

Last but not least, the students made their way to CapitaGreen. The tower was designed by Pritzker Prize winner Toyo Ito. CapitaGreen’s environmentally sustainable and inclusive design has garnered numerous local and international awards. They met with the building managers who gave them an overview on how office buildings are operated and managed.

Inspired by the innovative design of the building? Check out the students’ sketches of this iconic building along Market Street. 

04 Dec 2017 11:00 GMT+0800

Day 1 - Introducing our young architects

Everyone, please give your warmest welcome to our Young Architects – Pang Yong Ting (15, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School), Tan Jiayi, Joey (14, Hua Yi Secondary School), Fitri Andini Bte Mohd Zain (14, Ping Yi Secondary School) and Aqilah Zahidah Binte Zanial (15, Madrasah Al-Arabiah Al-Islamiah)!

Check out their first day in the corporate office and just like anyone’s first day of work, the students had a chance to meet their mentors and took part in an orientation programme to get a better understanding of CapitaLand. 

The Student Immersion Program is an invaluable opportunity for students to have a first-hand exposure of the occupation and its people. This prepares them better in making life choices on their career and helps them identify the skills and competencies that they will need to develop should they pursue an architectural profession.

Toh Kim Sai, Senior Vice President, Product Development & Design