Ms Noblia Lau, a manager with CapitaLand said: “Returning to work from my maternity leave, I continue to feel engaged and encouraged in CapitaLand. My son is 11 months and the support I have received at CapitaLand is critical in helping me to take care of my family and excel at the workplace. The family-friendly initiatives and amenities such as flexible work arrangements and nursing rooms, coupled with a respectful and fair organisational culture creates a positive workplace.”

CapitaLand employees situated in Capital Tower have access to four purpose-built nursing rooms for the employees of CapitaLand located in its headquarters, Capital Tower. Mothers can book these nursing rooms through our centralised booking system allowing mothers to schedule their time better and to avoid interruptions while using the rooms.

The private area also features a dedicated sink and water dispenser for sanitary reasons as well as for the convenience of the mothers. Each room is furnished with a table and a specially selected armchair to provide comfort for nursing mothers. The sound-insulating fabric panelling to offer increased privacy and the mirrors and two power outlets in each room are provided for the mother’s convenience. Nursing fridges are also available on every floor in the CapitaLand offices in Capital Tower.

The nursing rooms have been popular with working mothers at CapitaLand. The four rooms have been booked a combined total of 4,676 hours in the last 6 months. The utilisation rate of the nursing rooms is 109%, with mothers using the rooms during their lunch hour as well as after office hours

Senior executive from CapitaLand, Ms Cherie Wong shared that “The nursing rooms have not only offered convenience, but also comfort. With the centralised booking system, I can schedule my duties as a mother and know that I will not be interrupted. Dedicated nursing fridges, mirrors and thoughtful furnishing are small details that go a long way. The comprehensive support has allowed me to continue caring for my son who just turned 19 months old.”

Welcoming Dr Amy Khor at the Pitstop, CapitaLand's communal lounge and pantry at Capital Tower
With the centralised booking system, mothers at CapitaLand can reserve the nursing rooms and schedule a time at their own convenience