The CapitaLand Immersion Programme brings participants onsite to the company's latest developments and properties
The CapitaLand Immersion Programme brings participants onsite to the company’s latest developments and properties

As Wu Sihui, Learning Specialist from CapitaLand Limited walked around the four-room show flat of Sky Habitat, she felt a sense of awe over how nicely done up the place is. It was the last day of CapitaLand Immersion Programme and Sky Vue was one of CapitaLand properties participants visited as part of the site visit organised for them. She is proud to be a CapitaLand employee and feels driven by the company’s work to improve people’s lives and society through building good buildings. It also surprises her that she is fully assimilated into the company and has a good grasp about the company’s business having been in the job for only three weeks. Like many other participants, she appreciates the extra mile the company has taken to help new employees feel at home.

CapitaLand Immersion Programme (CIP) is a four-day programme designed to help new employees better understand CapitaLand’s businesses and core values, as well as its vision, mission and strategy. It is organised by the CapitaLand Institute of Management and Business (CLIMB), and held three to four times a year for new employees in Singapore.

One of the key highlights of the Programme was presentations by CapitaLand’s senior management of the various business units and corporate functions. The speakers broke down the complex real estate business into digestable chunks of information for the new employees. Taking precious time off their busy schedule to share their experience with participants is testament of how they live out CapitaLand’s credo of “Building People”. Participants also get a rare and much coveted opportunity to interact with senior management in an informal setting and through a networking lunch.

Dexter Wang, Investment Risk Manager from CapitaLand Limited, who joined CapitaLand from the banking industry, found great benefits from these presentations and networking opportunities. “The Programme is very helpful for new employees, especially for those without prior experience in the real estate industry. It enables us to quickly learn about real estate business, as well as CapitaLand’s business strategy and corporate culture. It also provides us great opportunities to interact with senior management and learn from their rich experience. I immensely enjoyed the Programme and learned a lot.”

Another participant, Chen Meihui, Corporate Communications Manager from CapitaLand Singapore adds: “Through the management’s sharing sessions, we gained insights into business strategies, interesting anecdotes and understood the rationale behind certain investments. These are some of the things that you cannot read or glean from elsewhere.”

CIP also offers opportunities for new employees across various business units to bond and network. These activities include the Property Run and site visits which provide participants with insights and a newfound appreciation of the different real estate businesses, in particular our frontline colleagues. It also helps them to discover how CapitaLand values are reflected through these properties.

Based on positive feedbacks from participants, the amount of time and effort put into organising and running the programme has certainly been worthwhile. Aung Htin, a Management Executive from the Graduate Development Programme said: “I really enjoyed the CapitaLand Immersion Program. I did not only learn our company’s values, mission and credo, but also made many great friends from different business units and functions. My favorite part of the Programme is the ‘Property Run’ challenge where we visited many CapitaLand properties. Overall, I found the CIP to be a fun and educational introduction to the company.”

It is a daunting experience to start afresh in a new company, but the CIP makes a difference for our new colleagues. CLIMB will help new CapitaLand employees further integrate into the company and its culture in the shortest time possible.