It's the holidays and you are going to host the party of the year at home so here are some tips that will help you look as smoking hot and delicious as your festive food
It’s the holidays and you are going to host the party of the year at home so here are some tips that will help you look as smoking hot and delicious as your festive food

You have sent out the invitation, planned the menu, decorated your home and cooked the meal. Now, it is time for the party. But are you ready to face your guests or have you forgotten about dolling up for your seasonal soiree? With these quick tips, you will not only be ready, you will be the belle of the ball.

1. Dress the Occasion

What kind of party are you hosting? A cocktail party requires a different dress code from a casual buffet. The trick is to dress for the occasion but not to overdo it so you won’t look like you are showing off.

A safe bet is to go for dark colours that won’t outshine your guests. Black is a perennial favourite because it is one of those colours that can take an outfit from sophisticated to sassy just by playing up different accessories. Classic cuts are another thing you can count on to transcend any occasion. Their eternal appeal will keep you fashionable without stealing the limelight.

2. Be Comfortable

You will need to work the party so expect to move around more than your guests. Keep your outfit simple with as few movable parts that may require constant adjustments. Check your outfit before the party by miming the movements you will make when you reach for things, bend to serve your guests or put on the finishing touches to your meal. This way, you will be able to work out the kinks of the outfit or pick another that is more comfortable.

Pants work well, as do classic shift dresses. Both afford effortless chic without comprising on comfort or mobility.

3. Be Practical

As part of your streamlined style as a working host, keep away from billowy sleeves and tops that will catch fire on the stove, hook onto pot handles, dip into the gravy or fall into the soup. The same goes for long strands of jewellery. Instead opt for fitted tops and dresses that skim the body but do not cling.

Don’t wear anything that stains easily unless you want your silk top to become splashed or stained while you work the kitchen. Anything that shows off sweat spots easily should be avoided as well because you will feel the heat in the kitchen.

4. Hide Flaws

As the host, all eyes will be on you. If you have piled on the pounds since your friends and family last saw you, don’t hide behind baggy clothes. It is a myth that loose-fitting outfits cover up flaws. They actually make you look frumpy. Go instead for tunic-length tops that elongate the silhouette in darker colours or fun prints.

5. Pay Attention to Details

You have kept things simple so far. So, glam it up with some bling. Sparkly earrings, a statement necklace, even glittery hair-pins that keep your hair nicely in place – just make sure they do not clutter your look or weigh you down.

Keep it simple, get comfortable, let the details shine for you and you have a recipe for a successful outfit so you can dress to impress as the belle of the ball. Enjoy.

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