Luxurious furnishing, elegant accessories and specially-curated artwork – the 30 CapitaLand Designer Series units at The Interlace provide more than a premier address; they are a promise of a luxurious lifestyle in a dream décor setting. The units come fully furnished and decorated, saving homebuyers the hassle of having to do it themselves. All they have to do is move in.

Opened for viewing, the units provide potential buyers with an idea of how the space in the units can be maximised and utilised to create an aesthetically pleasing home.

CapitaLand is one of the first developers in Singapore with this innovative approach of offering homebuyers the option of outfitted units. The property giant has always prided itself on creating new concepts, be it working with international architects to creating iconic residential developments.

The Interlace’s architecture itself is a breakthrough in residential design. Featuring 31 six-storey blocks stacked in a hexagonal arrangement to create eight large-scale courtyards, the Depot Road property is a dramatic departure from the standard typology of vertical towers. The interlocking blocks allow for wide expanses of communal space that create a vertical village, redefining tropical living.

The Fabulous Five

The fully-outfitted units of the Designer Series come in five design styles - Asia Chic, Contemporary Classic, Eurostyle Classic, Technicolour and Urban Edge. The work of five local and overseas interior design firms, each décor theme reflects a different lifestyle aspiration and décor preference.

1. Asia Chic – Eclectic East given a modern makeover

Asia Chic celebrates the exoticism of the East through tasteful touches that bring the charms of this region home. From the light airiness that creates a Zen experience to contemporary Asia, and hints of the Orient in the play of wooden accents and oriental motifs, the essence of the East is kept alive in these units.

2. Eurostyle Classic – Quintessentially European at its best

Eurostyle Classic takes the elegance and romance of Italian culture and history and translates it into exquisite accents around the home. At once sophisticated and luxurious, the units have plush details like wall-to-wall carpeting, custom-designed furniture, and specially commissioned artwork.

3. Technicolour – Life in full spectrum

For those who enjoy a splash of colour and a contemporary feel to their homes, the Technicolour series lets you pick from refreshing greens, seafoam palette reminiscent of coastal Santorini, soothing pastels, the colours of urban pop culture, and multi-colour floral details.

4. Contemporary Classic – A sleek style that transcends time

Modern clean lines with sumptuous details like antique finishing, mirrored ceiling accentuates, bespoke blinds and gorgeous manicured greenery in the roof garden apartments are the hallmarks of the Contemporary Classic style. A synergy of textures – the use of different fabrics and blending various materials like wicker and timbre – also adds talking points to the apartments that are perfect for the modern family ahead of their time.

5. Urban Edge – minimalistic chic with classy surprises

Mimalism marks the décor of this theme where every piece of accessory is crafted to create the perfect space for the cosmopolitan urbanite. Streamlined pieces, space-saving fixtures, a clever use of mirrors to extend the space, optimal positioning of the furniture all contribute to giving the apartments a edgy feel that is perfect for homeowners with a penchant for the unconventional.

Each outfitted unit is priced between S$100,000 to S$180,000 over the basic selling price of the apartments, depending on the size of the unit and the interior design. Add to this the fuss-free, ready-to-be-live-in condition of the apartments is a deal that is hard to resist.

What makes the Designer Series even more attractive is the sizes of the units. From three-bedroom-plus-family-room to four-bedroom multi-generation units that range from 1,873 to 5,608 square feet, they are ideal for families that appreciate spacious layouts.

Urban Living in an Idyllic Setting

Families will also enjoy the ideal location of The Interlace. Nestled on a hill within the Southern Ridges, a 10-kilometre green corridor known as the green belt of Singapore, the residential development enjoys the tranquility of Nature as well as the convenience of being only a 10-minute drive from Orchard Road and the business district.

Within its spacious grounds with over 170 plant and tree species, sculptures of renowned artists dot the courtyard, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the area and introducing culture to the spaces. Families will also welcome the amenities at the sky gardens and eight themed courtyards that invite interaction and bonding amongst residents.

Having swept prestigious awards including the Urban Habitat Award 2014 and the Building and Construction Authority Universal Design Mark Platinum Award 2014 and blazed a trail in the Singapore residential market, The Interlace is once again revolutionalising modern living with its novel designer-decorated units, thoughtful amenities and ideal location. At The Interlace, designer dreams can truly come true.