Few sports in the world can engender the kind of passion and devotion football does. Called the world’s game, it is the most watched, most played sport worldwide. So, when it comes to the upcoming international football phenomenon this June, the biggest football competition of all time, the fervour is understandably frenzied.

Part of the fun of the game, of course, is rooting for your favourite team - paint your face, don the national jerseys of your chosen teams, and cheer like a maniac. Scientists have even found that sport fans who throw themselves totally into the match experience hormonal surges and psychological highs. Supporting your team is apparently good for your health.

To help you get into the spirit of things, we tell you where to go to dress up like a true World Cup fan this season.

In Support of the Event

adidas offers a creative take. Their football t-shirt for men has the flags of the countries in the world in an artistic swirl. Made of soft cotton and polyester blend, the t-shirt promises cool comfort. If you enjoy interesting graphics and want your support to be more subtle, this is the design for you.

You can wear your support of the football phenomenon in another way – with adidas’ World Cup bags. Pick from two designs of backpacks (S$59 and S$25) or a messenger bag to suit your style and needs.

In Support of the Team

You don’t have to make the national squad to wear the national colours. Royal Sporting House at Junction 8, Tampines Mall, Bukit Panjang Plaza, and Bedok Mall offer the national jerseys of four top teams (S$99.00) – Argentina, Germany, Japan, and Spain by adidas. These replica home kits feature climacool® ventilation where the fabric used is light and breathable, and conducts heat away from the body keeping it cool and dry even in the warmest of conditions by increasing micro-ventilation through the mesh inserts in the cloth.

At Premier Football, you can pick out jerseys of over 20 different countries playing at the World Cup. The sweat-wicking fabric of the t-shirts means that they remain comfortable even when the competition heats up. The lightweight shirts, many by Nike, come in designs for men, women and even children. You can even pick up matching shorts and socks to complete the outfit. Prices range between S$69 and S$109 depending on the team you select and the design.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to t-shirts. adidas has country scarves as well. So what if it is too warm here for winter accessories. Passion and fashion trump practicality.

For another way to wear your support, adidas also has country-themed backpacks (S$65). You know your team has your back with these bags. Plus, it’s a practical way to carry around your team kits and scarves.

In Support of the Man

Suppose you want to show an even deeper devotion than the regular fan. Suppose your support is for that single player, then, Premier Football has the answer for you. They carry personalised jerseys with the name and number of the star player you identify with (S$139). You can even get a regular country jersey and personalise it with the name and number of the player of your choice.

Lionel Messi fans will be thrilled to know that Messi is the man for adidas as well. You can either have a t-shirt with a Messi graphic on the front or his number and his badge on the left shoulder (S$55 each). Or if you are a real fan, get them both.

When you have gotten your Messi t-shirt, complete the look with Messi bags. You can have a Messi shoe bag (S$25) or a Messi backpack (S$99). Either way, everyone will know who is your man.

All-out Support

Since it happens only once in four years, why not go all out in your support of your team. In the true tradition of frenzied football fans, paint the flag of your favourite national team on your face. Spotlight has 61 high quality face paints you can choose from so there is no fear of not finding the exact shade you want.

Painting a country flag on your face is thankfully not that difficult since most flags have rather straight forward designs (usually broad strips of colours) and feature standard symbols (celestial bodies are very popular). To get the lines straight, use cosmetic tape to demarcate the boundary before applying the paint. Use a sponge for a more even and easy spread. Be conservative about the amount of paint you slap on at first. A too-thick layer of paint will crack when you smile or talk. You need to be patient as well. Let one colour dry before you apply another or the colours might mix to give you an unwanted hue. For the emblems, you can go to Spotlight for stencils for some of the standard symbols. For the more complex ones, practice on paper before you try it on your face. Good luck!

Wear it, drape it round your neck, or carry it with you. Show who you are rooting for with your choice of football-inspired fashion and gear up for the game!

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