Get the ball rolling and decorate your home with a football theme as the much anticipated soccer season descends on us
Get the ball rolling and decorate your home with a football theme as the much anticipated soccer season descends on us

Every proud homeowner knows how important it is to have a theme in mind when decorating your home. Like a rallying point, having a theme helps you pull together the whole look of your home so that the colours, furnishings, and fittings all come together in perfect harmony.

If you are looking for some fresh ideas, how about drawing inspiration from upcoming football fever and doing up your home in a football theme?

1. Start with Shades (of Colours)

Playing with colours is one of the best ways to bring out a football theme. The colours can be on the walls, furnishings, furniture, fittings, or decorations. Try black and white for the colours of a traditional soccer ball. This colour scheme is clean, modern, and versatile.

If you prefer something more vibrant, you can go with the colours of your favourite football or national team. These flag-inspired colours tend to be rather strong and limited to only a few shades – red, blue, green, yellow, black, and white – that do not often complement. Use these colours sparingly so your home will not look like the inside of a crayon box or a child’s play pen.

“If you want to use bold colours, make sure you balance it by decorating the rest of your home in neutral tones so that the stronger colours do not overpower the décor of your home,” said Yeo Yee Ter, Director, A Win Design Pte Ltd.

2. The Shape of Things to Come

Shapes is another way to evoke a football theme. A hexagon-shaped mirror can evoke the shape of a football. Proof Living’s Quintette (price not available upon request at the store) is made up of a hexagon mirror flanked by five similar-shaped panels in relief that radiate outward creating a dish-like effect. Marry this with the trio of Faceted Vase in black finish (price not available upon request at the store) that comes in different sizes (also from Proof of Living) in your black and white room for a subtle reference to the world’s best-loved game.

At Proof Living, you can also pick up the Constellation mirror which features mirrored discs woven onto extended gold threads that look like the rays of a sun. Another sun-inspired mirror is the Flame mirror. Both have shapes that recall the sun emblem on the Argentinian flag and can be used for an Argentinian-inspired interior.

3. Off the Wall

There are so many things you can do with your wall to create a football theme. At The Wall Story, they can make any high resolution picture into wallpaper (S$150 per square metre). A photograph of your favourite player, squad, or club can easily become part of your wall.

“We also have artists who can draw murals with football themes on your wall,” added Mr Yeo. “If you have a favourite football star, for example, we can transfer his likeness onto your wall as well.”

Posters and football jerseys can be framed and used to adorn your wall. Footballs can be placed on shelves for decoration as well.

4. Fitting Furniture

In your choice of furniture, you can reflect a football theme, too.

Pick a black and white sofa set if the colours of a soccer ball is your inspiration. Or, you can go with a brightly coloured couch to match the colours of your favourite team.

Harvey Norman’s Saporini AZELIA Full Leather 3 Seater Sofa with Chaise (S$$5,929) comes in a lovely shade of green that you can incorporate into your home to show you are backing Brazil.

5. Football Furnishings

Soft furnishings – cushions, rugs, bedding – can carry the football theme further. For kids, Co’Zy has ball-themed bed sheets that lets take your football theme into your child’s bedroom as well.

6. Decorations

The Amber Tube in olive green from Proof Living would make a lovely accent for a home designed to reflect devotion to Brazil or Italy.

For the living room, games room, or your child’s room, Totally Hot Stuff offers the Soccer Table Top (S$35). The mini futsal table does not just shout “football fan”, it will also provide endless hours of entertainment.

Now that we have given you these ideas, the ball’s in your court. Go ahead and let the spirit of the international soccer tournament guide you as you redefine your home.

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