Let Inside help you step out in style as you go for a dip to cool off this May, arguably the hottest month in sunny Singapore
Let Inside help you step out in style as you go for a dip to cool off this May, arguably the hottest month in sunny Singapore

The heat is on! In perenially scorching Singapore, May is arguably the hottest month. Thankfully, this island in the sun has no shortage of swimming pools. So, if you are thinking of going for a dip to head off the heat, let Insidehelp you do it in style. After all, why should the weather be the only hot thing around?

Swimwear to Swear By

For Her:

Doning swimwear is probably the most physically exposed you will ever be in public.The key to pulling off the look with aplomb is the ability to artfully hide those body-shape flaws despite the fact that you have so little clothing to hide behind.

Top-heavyGood support up top will save you from looking saggy. Halter necks with broader straps help distribute the weight and provide greater comfort. Bikini tops or one-pieces with underwire are also preferred.

Modest chestsRuffles or embellishments around the chest will make you look more filled out as will front-tie tops. Swimsuits with padding around the chest offer another way of boosting the bust area.

Love handlesA high-waist bottom works wonders -- just make sure it extends above your belly button to prevent a muffin top.

Boyish figureOne-piece suits with curvy patterns, ruching (pleats) or cut-outs at the waist will give you the waist you want. For more hips, boy shorts and low-leg briefs are your friends.

Bottom heavyAvoid revealing too much so stay away from string bikinis and high-cut swimsuits. Go instead for bottoms in subdued hues.

Long torsoBreak up a straight silhouette with big floral prints. Ruffles or ruching can also give the illusion of curves. High-cuts bottoms also create the impression of longer legs and shorter torsos.

Short torsoElongate the torso by making your bottom half look shorter with low-rise bottoms. Halters will draw the eyes upwards to your neck and shoulders so there will be less attention on your mid-section.

Chunky thighsMore coverage at the bottom will help. Opt for swimwear with a skirt that skims the top of the thighs

Short legsHigh cut bottoms may not add the necessary inches but it will make your gams look lengthier.

Would a bikini be better or a one-piece? Admittedly, a one-piece is more forgiving but if you follow the tips above, there should be no reason why you cannot be a bikini babe.

The more important question really is: does the swimwear fit? Try it on then move and stretch. Everything should be properly covered without much flesh spilling out. The bottom should not ride up nor should you have to adjust the straps or pull up the top. If you are able to put two fingers under the suit and have enough material to pull, the suit is too big.

For Him:

Men’s swimwear may not have as wide a variety as women’s but that does not mean there are no choices. Which style you choose will depend on what you intend to do.

BoardshortsThese are broader shorts that go beyond the knees – good for coverage, not so much for swimming in. Wear these if you are going to be partying more outside than inside the pool. Because they tend to be longer and baggier, boardshorts are best for leaner, taller men.

TrunksThese are boardshorts that end at the knee. You get coverage and ease of movement. This style is great for skinnier frames because it does not overwhelm with excessive fabric. Pick trunks with narrower legs that end a few inches above the knees because wearing over-sized clothes will only make you look smaller. Trunks are also very forgiving and ideal for softer middles and stocky frames alike.

Swim briefsBody-hugging with a V-shaped front that expose the thighs, they are options only for the fittest of bodies.

Square-leg briefsThis is a more modest version of the swim briefs, covering you up to the upper thighs. It gets its name from the fact that the leg openings are cut straight across for a more boxy look that is less revealing than swim briefs. This style is another forgiving one and good for men with shorter legs as well stockier builds.

JammersThese are tights that end between one and five inches above the knee. Jammers are favoured by competitive swimmers because they reduce drag.

Once you have nailed your style, whether you want to go floral, flamboyant, bright and bold, patterned or subtle is really a matter of personal taste and occasion.

Cool Cover-ups

Between home and the pool and sometimes in between swims, you might want to cover up a little. Cover-ups help you make a fashion statement at poolside parties or lets you get away with a bikini without revealing too much.

For Her:

Caftans, sarongs, dresses, bandeaus, loose shirts, t-shirts, rompers, flowy skirts, pants, shorts, anything see-through or crocheted – the choices are really endless.

As with choosing swimsuits, use your cover-ups to accentuate your best body parts and hide your flaws. Caftans, dresses, bandeaus, loose shirts and t-shirts are good for bottom and chest coverage as well as minimising larger thighs. Pants, flowy skirts and sarongs cinched at the waist draw attention to the tiny mid-section, making boyish figures curvier and giving the impression of longer legs.

See-through cover-ups let you go out in a bikini while camouflaging your flaws.

For Him:

Linen shirt, short-sleeved floral shirts, long-sleeved shirts with sleeves rolled up, tank tops or tees are what men can opt for.

For particularly ripped bodies, the wet shirt (the top half of a wet suit) will do nicely as well.

Dressing for the pool can be a real fashion headache because when you are clothed in so little, even a minor mis-step can become a major fashion faux pas. Once you have sorted out your pool fashion, slap on the all-important sunscreen and funky shades and you’re all set for a splashing good time!

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