Savoury dishes can get a sweet lift with the addition of fruits in the recipe
Savoury dishes can get a sweet lift with the addition of fruits in the recipe

The most memorable dishes are often the result of unexpected contrasts of textures, flavours and tastes. That is why adding fruits to savoury dishes can be surprisingly successful.

We trawl our malls to bring you creative dishes that pair the sweet and salty perfectly. Here is our haul.

1. Through the Grape Vine

Arteastiq is a lifestyle boutique which combines a tea house with a painting studio. Its name is a play on words and means ‘the art of teasing’ or ‘the art of tea that makes you tick’. Its starter selection, romantically named ‘The Lighter Sides of Love’, features Cyperian Affair, which delivers a riot of tastes – creamy haloumi cheese, crunchy walnuts, arugula, and a burst of sweetness from grapes. Mediterranean on a plate can’t taste any yummier.

2. Promising Pomegranate

Shiraz Restaurant almost transports you to Persia for an exotic dining experience complete with Persian music and live belly dancing. Enjoy a Zeytoon Parvardeh Salad, where olives are served in a pomegranate sauce with walnut and fresh pomegranate bits.

Photo credit: Shiraz Restaurant

Then, order the Kufteh-Ye Anar-O Pesteh . This is ground minced lamb meatballs flavoured with spices and drizzled with pomegranate sauce with crunchy pistachio. The sweet sauce, nutty side and fragrant meat form a delicious Middle Eastern medley. .

3. Apple of Your Eye

You can count on Mouth Restaurant for your classic Cantonese fix. In their fruity offering, they give the traditional European pairing of apples and pork a distinctive Asian spin. Instead of the usual sweet and sour pork with sweet plum sauce, Mouth Restaurant offers pork ribs sautéed till they are just a little crisp on the edges and coated in a tart golden apple sauce.

4. Latch on to Lychee

Mouth Restaurant’s sauteed kurobuta pork with lychee is a dish where the juxtaposition of tastes is done right. Kurobuta is the highly prized pork from Black Berkshire pigs raised in Japan. The meat is especially sweet, delicate and juicy. The delicate sweetness of the lychee truly brings out the flavour of the top-grade pork.

5. Berry Berry Good

Berries are often called super fruits, and for good reason. Full of nutrients, antioxidants, and polyphenols, they help fight chronic diseases and are known to keep heart disease and cancer at bay. At Shiraz Restaurant, you can have berries in two ways. The Zereshk Polo with Chicken is a tender juicy saffron chicken on a bed of fragrant Basmati rice mixed with barberries and sprinkled with fresh pistachio while the Marasah Polo with Chicken is succulent chicken baked with saffron rice and mixed with assorted almond and cashew, orange peel, apricot, berries, and a sprinkle of pistachio.

6. Orange You Hungry?

Orange and duck make an exquisite culinary couple. Arteastiq’s Beijing’s Dynasty-Duck Pancake is duck confit with crepes in an orange caramel sauce and greens. Because the meat is slow cooked, it is remarkably tender while retaining all its flavour.

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