CapitaStar@Work -Community Guidelines


CapitaStar@Work aims to bring together a diverse background of people working within CapitaLand Commercial Trust office buildings, to discover, share and inspire one another. With a focus on community, we encourage our tribesmen to actively reach out to and collaborate with each other to share ideas, views and resources, through the app. The integrity of our app is something we take very seriously, and we are committed to making sure that our community remains secure and respectful.

Note: The list is not exhaustive, and it may be updated from time to time. 


1)   Create & share content, respectfully.

We want to foster a positive and diverse community. You are welcome to share any content that interests you and reach out to the community for opinions. Please respect other members and share your opinions considerately; nothing false, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, discriminatory, or hateful to another person, race, religion or entity. Please post only self-generated content and/or re-post those where you had obtained proper permission. This includes photos, videos and copy.


2)   Safeguard your personal data.

CapitaStar@Work is a public platform. For your privacy and safety, please avoid posting confidential information such as your personal details.
At the same time, respect the privacy of others – please exercise thought and care when you engage with your fellow tribesmen, and about the kind of information you ask for.


3)   For businesses, be mindful and engage meaningfully.

You may wish to share the latest business offerings you may have on the app.

But please be mindful and use this feature tastefully and to your advantage and in a meaningful manner. Any form of hard-selling or classified ads are discouraged and we will intervene where necessary. The spirit of the app is to encourage collaboration, but not through promoting products & services, as with a marketplace.


Report content

Our goal is to build a safe, respectful and collaborative community. If you come across any content that violates any of our community guidelines, please contact us immediately at


Violation of community guidelines

The opinions expressed by third parties on our app do not represent the opinions of the CapitaLand Group. We may remove content or take preventive action against those who do not comply with the community guidelines.
Depending on the severity of the non-compliance, we may also suspend or terminate the member’s account, and work with law enforcement, as appropriate and at our discretion.

For terms & conditions visit