Art All Around


Not all art belongs in frames.

In fact, you will find the work of some of the hottest artists in the world, right here in the heart of the CBD.

From a large expansive wall mural, to hanging structures that reflect your every movement, the art at CapitaSpring celebrates the city brimming with life through a creative canvas and various mediums. Check out how top local and international artists are putting their own spin on art in the city at CapitaSpring, as they turn the property into their creative canvas, making CapitaSpring the most unexpected art destination for the community.

"Winter Orchid" - Yeo Chee Kiong

Winter Orchid

Level 1, Park Land

Before stepping into the lobbies of CapitaSpring, be greeted by award-winning local sculptor Yeo Chee Kiong’s ‘Winter Orchid’ located at the property’s Park Land.

Serving as a connector from the outside into CapitaSpring, Park Land is where jungle meets concrete jungle, which makes it the perfect place for ‘Winter Orchid’ to find its rightful place. Known for his uniquely playful and unexpected juxtapositions, ‘Winter Orchid’, the tropical orchid blooms in the bitter cold, an unexpected juxtaposition that has come to define Yeo's work.

A tropical floral, the Orchid, blooms in the bitter cold – symbolising the great spirit of courage and resilience in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. This Orchid evolves into the Singapore Butterfly which soars at the arrival of Spring after the COVID-19 Winter.

The wings of this butterfly are formed by three pairs of abstracted Singapore Maps from different eras: 1950, 2002, and the proposed 2030, showing organic and progressive physical growth of Singapore through land reclamation.

The beautiful arc of the Singapore Butterfly’s wings provide shelter for, and reflect the lives of the passersby. Just like how our gardens integrate into the city, the kaleidoscopic reflections symbolise the togetherness of migrant workers, and residents of the country which migrant workers helped build.

“Making art is an exclusive experience to explore new answers and new questions.” - Yeo Chee Kiong

"Awan" - Tomás Saraceno


Level 1, City Room

Just outside CapitaSpring’s doors is the City Room. Look up for a surprise! ‘Awan’ by Tomás Saraceno features a constellation of interconnected geometric mirrors coming together to form hanging structures that mirror daily life passing through CapitaSpring. Through the overlapping and multi-reflective connections made while experiencing the piece, visitors are invited to find a moment of respite and reflection. Whether you come by CapitaSpring in the day, or by night, take a moment to pause and reflect!

True to Tomás’ larger ongoing project Cloud Cities, his art explores the ways we inhabit and experience our environment. Through an engaged, sustainable  vision of the cities, settlements and gardens that congregate within and around CapitaSpring, these pieces propose a common imaginary beyond Anthropocentrism, floating in the air towards an ethical re-alliance with the environment, the planet and the cosmic/web of life.

“I want to expand the ways in which we inhabit and experience our environment.”  - Tomás Saraceno

"Sunrise and Sunset, A Whole Year per Year" - teamLab

Sunrise and Sunset, A Whole Year per Year, Singapore

Level 1, Lobby

Treat your eyes to a spectacular digital blooming wall as you enter the main lobby. You’ve seen their work all over Instagram. Now, you can experience teamLab’s next show-stopping Instagram staple at CapitaSpring. True to CapitaSpring’s vision of creating a tech-enabled lifestyle, this art piece is created by a computer programme that renders the artwork in real time, ‘Proliferating Immense Life - Sunrise and Sunset, A Whole Year per Year, Singapore’ is an 18m high wall that will surely make you stop in your tracks. The interactive digital installation allows for live interaction between people and the installation, and it grows brighter and darker with the sunrise and sunset. As if to welcome the community within its walls, the flowers and butterflies within the artwork scatter whenever people pass by or when elevator doors open, with flower varieties changing throughout the year.

With this ever-changing installation, teamLab celebrates the community here at CapitaSpring that never sleeps - blooming with life from day to night.

“Art is an experience, not an explanation." - teamLab 

"The Golden Shoe" - Danielle Tay

The Golden Shoe

Basement 1

For those who fondly remember the old Golden Shoe Carpark, walking through B1 will feel like a trip down memory lane. ‘The Golden Shoe’ by local artist Danielle Tay. Inspired by the old Golden Shoe Carpark that once stood upon this exact ground, Danielle’s mural pays homage to the past by capturing the evolution of Raffles Place, and also reflects the changes the area has gone through over the years.

The mural features several table numbers from the old Golden Shoe Food Centre, as well as three-dimensional relief elements – the latter incorporated to pay tribute to our migrant workers for their tremendous efforts and contributions to Singapore over the years. Through it, we also celebrate the resilience and persevering spirit of our teams who have made CapitaSpring what it is today.

“Nature is a big part of my work. I feel that all humans consciously or subconsciously long for nature. - Danielle Tay

"CapitaScape" - Tan Zi Xi


Level 9

Can you admire the iconic Esplanade, majestic Singapore Flyer and quaint shophouses along the Singapore River while standing in the same spot?

Turns out you can, here at CapitaSpring. ‘CapitaScape’, a tinted metal sculpture by multimedia artist Tan Zi Xi, is a celebration of the local landmarks in the cityscape that surrounds CapitaSpring.

Made of stainless steel, with pieces specially produced in a foundry in China, this impressive 10m sculpture is Zi Xi’s first sculpture and biggest artwork in the CDB to date. Displayed in the lobby of the serviced residences, Citadines Raffles Place, this piece is a nod to the cityscape surrounding CapitaSpring. Through geometric forms and shapes, the piece plays with light, shadow, and textures, giving visitors a unique experience every time. Depending on where you stand, you can admire different hidden details and Easter eggs, and spot various local landmarks like quaint shophouses along the Singapore River and other iconic sculptures. Just like how the different elements in CapitaSpring integrate seamlessly to accompany its community from day through night, the elements around CapitaSpring have also inspired artists like Zi Xi to create and share that beauty with everyone who walks through the doors of CapitaSpring.

“I want people to discover for themselves the beauty of the city and our urban landscape.” - Tan Zi Xi


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

— French artist Edgar Degas

The next time you’re walking along Market Street, why not explore the various art pieces located all around and within the building? We hold art closely to our hearts as we see how it brings delight to the places we inhabit, transforming buildings into lively communities. As we bridge nature, architecture, and community seamlessly here at CapitaSpring, experience the infinite possibilities of art through these artists’ eyes - you never know what you might discover!

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