Building Community: From tenants to neighbours


You may be familiar with ‘office culture’, or ‘workplace philosophy’—an undefined set of values  that unites workers in a shared experience. Usually, these ‘cultures’ require dedicated people committed to keeping the vision alive,fresh and exciting.

At CapitaSpring, an ambition of this fresh and exciting place to work in the heart of the Central Business District, is to establish a community-centric atmosphere, uniting 51 storeys of diverse tenants through regular community programming.

As part of an ongoing mission to redefine the work-live-play experience, CapitaSpring aims to create a vertical community. 

"Our focus here at CapitaSpring is to enable a well-knit and vibrant environment with an element of ‘stickiness’,” shares Nicholas Mak, CapitaSpring’s first dedicated Community Ambassador. “Where coming to work doesn’t seem like a drag, but rather, something to look forward to.”

A Tribe of Like-Minded Souls

We’ve all been in office buildings where most would mind their own business. Nicholas, however, creates a sense of community by making them his business.

“After all, a community thrives on its members,” he says, sharing about his community building philosophy. “Engaging different audiences and their different needs will definitely help them feel more included within our CapitaSpring ecosystem, or as I affectionately refer to it, our CapitaSpring Kampung!”

Workshops at CapitaSpring

One of the ways is to connect individuals by shared interests. Recognising these like-minded people is just the start… it’s also about connecting these friends-to-be with each other within the shared CapitaSpring space, or even the CapitaLand Community.

"“Community means being able to meet new people that share similar interests with me—it’s always amazing meeting new people and seeing my new friends I’ve made here at CapitaSpring!”

– Zhang Qiyu, Product Manager

A well-curated programming would also facilitate an intentional collision of personalities, to spur on the tenant community with their creative pursuits or kickstart new passions from scratch.

Take-a-break Workshops

A wise man once said, “If you work with your mind, rest with your hands.” The community at CapitaSpring has been treated to  a plethora of lunchtime workshops or co-career activities that enrich a work day and rouse the right side of your brains with hands-on experiences.

"“Seeing everyone come together to make our own coasters was really fun. The final reveal was the most exciting part, when you actually got to see what you made come alive in your hands.”

– Christina Neo, Office Manager

From cooking, arts and crafts, to even ergonomics, the list of workshops offers something for the wide variety of personalities and interests. Tenants are also encouraged to suggest their own ideas for more. After all, what’s a community without its members?

This might just be one of the few workplaces in Singapore where taking a break from work rewards you with little treats and skills for home. That jar of kombucha you brewed at this afternoon’s workshop? You can take it home… and make more to enjoy!

Coasters Marbling

“The act of putting into practice what I learnt at the workshop was extremely fulfilling — one workshop that stood out was the kombucha brewing one. We learnt about the process, made some to bring home, and I recreated it with another ingredient, Earl Grey tea, which was successful and delicious.”

– Zhang Qiyu, Product Manager

Community at Work

At CapitaSpring, community’s more than just a buzzword; it’s an actual way of life. By creating an atmosphere of welcome, warmth, and partnership, CapitaSpring has provided a platform for tenants to go beyond being just strangers in the same building to form strong friendships, an integral part of the CapitaSpring experience. 

“Workshops and events like these allow us to step out for a bit, get our mind off work for a moment, giving us an opportunity to meet different people, do different things, and connect with fellow tenants.”

– Christina Neo, Office Manager

Workshops and other events provide a common ground for socialisation, while restaurants like Bee’s Knees and Sol & Luna serve as perfect platforms to connect with your newest buddy over the world’s best social lubricant—delicious food. New friendships forged from genuine human connection—that’s the CapitaSpring ambition at work.

Feasting and bonding at Oktoberfest 2022
Regular fitness workouts

A Space for the Family

The bonding extends further. Building a strong workplace community also means considering what’s important to the people at CapitaSpring — their families. The second edition of Spring to Play Family Carnival was held on 23rd June 2023, giving tenants an opportunity to share the delights of CapitaSpring and its community with their loved ones on this one special day — integrating live, work, and play together with the family.

With the CapitaSpring City Room and parts of the Green Oasis transformed into a carnival playground, Spring to Play was a family wonderland in the CBD. 

Tenants enjoyed live shows, exciting carnival games and prizes, storytelling, movie screenings and snack options. Anything to create a space where, in Nicholas’ words, “tenants feel comfortable and at home.”

Spring to Play 2023

Community, at the Heart of it all

Built by, and for a collective to collaborate, interact, and bond with each other, community lies at the heart of CapitaSpring. It truly is a place which embodies the strong commitment to transform a building of tenants to a community of friendly neighbours.

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