Building Balance

It’s high time work spaces start working to boost our well-being.

For far too long, office layouts have been traditionally designed to maximise profitability by investing in process or product development as opposed to people development. It was therefore a welcome shift in perspective when developers began recognising the importance of prioritising human health and well-being as part of a building’s design success.  

This is why the past decade has seen an evolution in our vision from merely designing practical and aesthetically-pleasing spaces, to building communities through creating purpose-built environments designed to host a robust and diverse ecosystem of human talent.  

To achieve this we must first understand the internal wirings of how to motivate an individual’s mental and physical health. Studies show that company productivity skyrockets once employees are offered a work environment with a healthy mix of variety, community, culture and nature.

Here are 8 proven ways to boost workplace productivity:

1. A change of scenery works wonders

Ideation Nest @ CapitaSpring

79% of people in workplaces with a variety of settings report higher effectiveness and a greater experience. These may be in an outdoor setting like a park, or in a café. Sometimes, it might just be as simple as moving away from one’s desk in an open-concept office to a small meeting room for privacy. After all, humans are complex creatures that thrive in consciously-designed environments that offer choices. 

2. Step out of the box

Walking increases creativity in 8 out of 10 people, especially when it comes to brainstorming a bevy new ideas. Even Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg were known to have held “walking meetings”. The next time you might hit a mind block, try stepping out of your comfort zone by perhaps going on the treadmill for your next zoom meeting, or changing up the pace with a stroll to invigorate your mind with a different rhythm outside of your office walls. 

Green Oasis @ CapitaSpring

3. Inspire your imagination

Living World Series Type Sculpture by Artist Ju Ming (b.1938), Taiwan @ CapitaGreen, Singapore

Art in the workplace reduces stress and increases productivity by 20%. Specifically art that depicts realistic scenes in nature have delivered positive results to restore mental energy and diffuse conflicts in the office. With multiple global galleries that deliver original art from exciting new artists from around the world right to your door, it has never been easier to expose yourself to the wonders of art.

4. Community is key

Organizations that create a collaborative community and encourage high social engagement report 22% higher productivity. This is not limited to multiple divisions within just one company, but partnerships and synchronicity of values and ideas from neighbouring offices are also encouraged. One key aspect for encouraging community growth would be the engagement of dedicated Community Managers. They help to create a unique suite of programmes, and actively foster connections within the workspace communities.

5. Remember the power of nature

Green Oasis @ CapitaSpring

Being around nature boosts memory function by 20%, and even increases attention span.

Beyond cognitive function, fresh air and exposure to flora and fauna is scientifically proven to also strengthen our physical system. This is especially pertinent in the pandemic era, where biophilic design has progressed from a “nice to have” feature in building developments, to becoming a quintessential part of the future of work.

6. Let the sunshine in

Natural Light can boost productivity and sales by up to 40%. This is because Vitamin D that is in sunshine, goes a long way to fight depression and support healthy immune systems.

Look around your workspace, are you getting enough natural light? Whether you are taking a break or hotdesking, try to find a space that lets the natural light in, preferably one that is located near a window, or has the largest window depth! Chances are, you might locate one that is surrounded by greenery for that extra oxygen.

7. What’s on your plate?

Proper nutrition can increase job performance by 25%. Experts recommend five fruit and vegetable portions for at least four days a week, in order to boost happiness and mental health.

We believe it is absolutely important to have healthy options right at your fingertips, especially when you are feeling stressed and hit with cravings. A bevy of F&B dining options will be made available at CapitaSpring, from convenient takeaway bentos, to cafes, and even an edible garden that one of our restaurant partners, the 1-Group, will be harvesting from for a farm to table restaurant concept.

8. Smiles make for success

Happy employees who feel a connection to their team and like their work environment are more productive, resulting in a 21% increase in profits. Simply put, the highest level of productivity can be achieved, when work stops feeling like a chore. 

The new reality is that when it comes to designing a workspace to support tangible business success, the only thing that should be set in stone is variety and versatility  – both key to engaging workers on a cerebral and emotional level.

This is the balance we seek to build with CapitaSpring, designed with people-centric tenets in order to create an outstanding corporate hub where collaboration and creativity lead to commercial success. A space that works, because it is designed to help people grow. Our Green Oasis, hybrid co-working office spaces, collection of healthy food options and beautifully integrated art installations are developed with people at our axis and the future in mind from the heart of Singapore’s CBD. 

The future of work should work for you.


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