The Unexpected Tribe 

What do a Singaporean engagement expert, culinary director from Australia, and a Danish business leader have in common?

For one, they all call CapitaSpring their workplace, playground and second home.

At this 51-storey integrated development, diversity is not just reflected in its spaces, but in how ‘The Office of the Future’ comes to life. With a wide array of spaces waiting to be explored for work, life, and play, an unexpected tribe rises and takes its place at the heart of CapitaSpring.

Here is where seasoned moguls rub shoulders with next-gen mavericks, and rule-defying disruptors and future-defining change-makers cross paths.

They may not share the same background, but they are bound by a common vision — one that is full of discovery and possibilities waiting to unfold at CapitaSpring.

Let’s meet this unexpected tribe. Who knows? One day, you might just be one of them. 

The Community Catalyst
Nicholas Mak, Community Ambassador, CapitaSpring

Some might call him the face of CapitaSpring. Others, your friendliest neighbour around the hood.

And when CapitaSpring opens its door later this year, you’ll certainly find Nicholas Mak. As the integrated development’s Community Ambassador, he will be doing what he does best — engineering connections and experiences for the vibrant community within. 

“I can’t wait to meet with the tenants, build a strong rapport with them and create opportunities for them to connect.”

From the outside, these connections seem to occur naturally, as if by the pull of gravity. But they are often the work of Community Ambassadors such as Nicholas, who serve as a catalyst. Part of his work includes creating platforms for networking, enabling connections for partnerships, and engaging tenants as they discover life here at CapitaSpring.

With the strong purpose of enriching the lives of all tenants within the building, activities that promote well-being, innovation, sustainability among other progressive initiatives will now be at the forefront. These initiatives allow the communities within CapitaSpring to get along, while getting ahead, and learn how to contribute to each other and society as a community. 

“Our tenant community can not only connect with one another, but also with CapitaLand through our slate of curated events. “They include our “Tabao Thursday” lunchtime talks, and our signature “Gifts of Joy” community outreach programme.”



CapitaSpring represents a bold vision of the future of work. That is why Community Ambassadors like Nicholas help foster key connections for a strong-knitted community  that will shape the workplace of the future.

“CapitaSpring is designed to allow people to mingle and collaborate, with a vast number of communal spaces for them to gather and engage with one another.

“I will be on the ground to understand them, curate social activities for them and help foster a sense of community. Smaller companies, in particular, can tap on us to network with other tenants within CapitaSpring. Having this ecosystem in place can boost staff well-being, morale and even productivity.”



With decades of experience at the frontline serving and interacting with people of diverse backgrounds, Nicholas has always been passionate about meeting new people and helping them do the same — a calling that he will continue to answer as Community Ambassador of CapitaSpring. 


“I enjoy helping people form connections and develop new friendships, and seeing their smiles when they take part in our activities. That’s the most rewarding part of my job.”

The Culinary Changemaker
Christopher Millar, Culinary Director, 1-Group

To true blue gourmands, his name is synonymous with some of Singapore’s top dining destinations.

Christopher Millar, Culinary Director of 1-Group, is at the helm of the group’s award-winning portfolio which includes concepts such as gastronomic restaurants in iconic locations, a floral cafe’s and patisserie’s in delightful historic properties and the world’s highest rooftop bar, among many others.

Still, his upcoming project at CapitaSpring is set to be 1-Group’s most ambitious yet, featuring not one, but four culinary offerings — Bee’s Knees, an all-day cafe and bar at level 1, a Latin-European bistro Sol & Luna at the level 17 Green Oasis, as well as Koral, an Australian farm to table seafood grill and Oumi, a Japanese Kappo Restaurant and sky high bar at level 51.

“This will be the most integrated project that 1-Group has developed. Whether you’re looking for a special dining experience, a fun night out with drinks or just a good cup of coffee, there will be something for everyone.”


For Christoper, CapitaSpring’s location, where the iconic Market Street Food Centre at Golden Shoe Car Park once stood, also holds special significance. 

“1-Group’s head office used to be at Golden Shoe Car Park, so I’ve been to Market Street Food Centre many times. It has a lot of history and memories for me. My personal favourite is the yong tau foo stall there.”

While Christopher’s illustrious career has taken him through famed kitchens in London, Melbourne and Tokyo, the culinary collision at CapitaSpring, where two floors will be dedicated to hawkers from Market Street Food Centre, will be a first for him. “It’s quite unusual to have such a mix, but I believe food brings people together.”

“In Singapore, we’re blessed with a diverse food scene. Food really is the fabric of our society.”

The Power of Connection
Maria Jelen, Regional Head of Relationship Management and Sales Trading APAC, Saxo Markets

To Maria Jelen, working at CapitaSpring will feel like a homecoming of sorts. 

“CapitaSpring is designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and we love the fact that it lives and breathes our company’s Danish roots,” said the Regional Head of Relationship Management and Sales Trading APAC for Saxo Markets.

That’s not where the affinity ends. 

Akin to how Saxo was founded with innovation in mind back in 1992, as a Fintech before Fintech became mainstream, CapitaSpring is similarly leading the way in redefining the future of work, said Maria. 

“The whole concept of disruption and change is in Saxo’s DNA and it resonates well with how CapitaSpring is transforming the idea that going to work is much more than going to the office.”


In her day-to-day role, Maria ensures that her team members are well-empowered to deliver on Saxo’s client initiatives across the Asia Pacific region. As a business leader with a client-facing team, naturally, at the top of her workplace wish list is a conducive environment for meeting people, complete with amenities such multi-purpose meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. 

“Even though Saxo is a digital-first company, human connection, either with clients or internally, is still critical.

“Whether it’s for formal client meetings, casual interactions or even coincidental run-ins, getting people together face to face and exchanging views is such an important part of learning and growing.”



At work, Maria is also a champion for diversity, leading local efforts for Saxo’s global diversity initiative. 

“The initiative focuses on enhancing gender diversity, whether in terms of empowering our female employees to grow in their careers, or increasing our share of female clients. I’m proud to be one of Saxo’s ambassadors in ensuring female clients get the experience and support they are after when it comes to trading and investing.”

With CapitaSpring nearing completion, Maria is raring to make herself at home in her new office.

“Green areas and art displays are my go-to spots at the workplace when I need a breather or some inspiration.

“I’m very excited that they will be a prominent part of CapitaSpring.”


You’ve read their stories. Now start your very own as part of this unexpected tribe when CapitaSpring opens its doors this year.

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