The Impact of Inbuilt Intelligence


What is the first thing you notice when you step into an office building?

Is it the strategically-placed artworks at the arrival lobby? Or the statement plants that breathe life to blank walls?

Now think about all the things that escape your attention.

The invisible forces at work that let you go about your day without friction. The intuitive mechanisms are so seamlessly woven into the fabric of the building, that every interaction within it is as accessible as it is advanced.

Such is the impact of inbuilt intelligence at CapitaSpring, where tech-enabled solutions power a flexible, sustainable and connected ecosystem that will redefine the future of work.

Pre-check in at CapitaStar@Work


Technology opens all doors

Experience progressive technology even before you get to work.

With the CapitaStar@Work mobile application, you can pre-check in to work up to five days in advance, enabling companies to monitor and anticipate employee turnout at the office. 

Forget fumbling around for your access card. Turnstiles activated by facial recognition let you gain contactless and expedient entry without lifting a finger. For your guests, pre-register them and they will be able to access the building conveniently with a QR code.

From entry to exit, your entire journey will be a breeze. 

Facial recognition allows you to access your building lobby without lifting a finger!


Past the turnstiles, a Destination Control System assigns you a specific lift, taking you to your designated floor while managing passenger load at the same time. Chances are, your fellow passenger might even be a smart robot.

In a commercial first, these smart robots are integrated with the lifts to transit between floors and will be deployed to clean the common areas of CapitaSpring. 

Smart robot@work

IOT knows no bounds

The entire development is equipped with the latest WiFi 6 technology, empowering you to plug-and-work anywhere outside the office. Experience uninterrupted connectivity whether you are having a conference call at the Green Oasis (Levels 17 to 20) or a team meeting at the Sky Garden (Level 51).

CapitaSpring will also roll out a long-range wide area network (LoRaWAN) backbone network, enabling the deployment of internet of things (IoT) sensors across the building.

The long arm of IoT technology even extends to the toilets, which are well-maintained by smart sensors that track conditions such humidity, temperature and occupancy in real time.

These IoT sensors also track odour, and ammonia sensors activate the odour control system to alert cleaning staff when it has crossed the threshold. 

Anywhere can be your office @CapitaSpring

Make all the right connections

The CapitaStar@Work mobile app breaks down the traditional walls at the workplace, bringing together commercial and retail tenants across all floors in a vertical community.

Access exclusive deals and discounts from CapitaSpring’s retailers and the latest lunch or dinner specials in the building.

Keep up with the building’s latest activities and goings-on through the app and its in-app notifications, all within your fingertips. 

As part of CapitaSpring’s efforts to create a vibrant and inclusive tenant community, you can experience unique communal activities and programmes specially curated by CapitaSpring's dedicated Community Ambassador and partners such as The Work Project and 1-Group.

With the tap of a button, you can now participate in all these activities, and get connected with like-minded people to discuss a business idea or discover common passions.

Finding a kindred spirit has never been easier.

Just remember to make some room in your e-calendar. 


Participate in programmes specially curated for you.

Smart Hospitality is here to stay

For those who call CapitaSpring’s serviced residence home, the tech-integrated Citadines Raffles Place Singapore, managed by The Ascott Limited, offers a seamless living experience enhanced by smart home technology.

Need a towel or hairdryer? Smart robots are at your beck and call, tending to your needs and delivering requested items right to your doorstep.

An automated workflow system maintains cleanliness at all times, tracking real-time operations to ensure the apartments and facilities are well-kept for your comfort.

Greener living is second nature with occupancy sensors that automatically switch off the lights and air-conditioning once you leave your apartment, conserving energy while reducing your carbon footprint.

With the Discover ASR mobile app, you can even enjoy Ascott Star Rewards such as loyalty points, complimentary upgrades and e-vouchers, putting a world of benefits in the palm of your hands. 

How a typical day at CapitaSpring can be!

Let our Intelligence work for you

The future of work is already at work. Because whether you know it or not, CapitaSpring’s inbuilt intelligence has been, and will always be, working for you.

Experience it for yourself when CapitaSpring meets the world in 2022. 

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