Tenants Treats by yWC @ CapitaLand

Bag by popular demand!

On the 'bag’ of the recently concluded Let’s Get Down to Earth sustainability festival and following the very positive response to last May’s yWC tote bag with pins giveaway, we’re bringing you another limited-edition eco carrier!

This time, we embarked on a collaboration with artist, Michael Ng (Mindflyer), in support of local arts and to offer a fun and unique perspective on our community engagement initiatives.

About the design

The design is a light-hearted and whimsical take on our various yWC signature activities, specially designed to enrich your workplace experiences and to enable you to forge stronger bonds with each other.

With Mindflyer’s stylistic and distinctive artistic flair, the illustrations are designed to be used in a modular mix-and-match fashion to depict cohesiveness, diversity, inclusivity and vibrancy of yWC @ CapitaLand.

With this exclusive giveaway, we hope to promote a greater sense of identity and belonging among our CapitaLand workspace community while offering you another creative way to play your part in reducing plastic waste.

Here’re some quick reminders to reiterate the urgent call to reduce plastic bag usage:


Source: https://sec.org.sg/pdf/reports/new-plastic-economy.pdf
Source: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/cnainsider/monstrous-scale-plastic-bag-wastage-singapore-charge-recycle-827566
Source: https://www.nea.gov.sg/our-services/waste-management/disposable-carrier-bag-charge%23:~:text=The%20study%20found%20that%20over,the%20most%20environmentally%20friendly%20option

Join us in reducing plastic waste and pick your favourite Tenants' exclusive eco bag from 13 - 23 May 2024 at the following locations!

Tenants of 80 Bendeemer, Infinite Studios, Neuros/Immunos, Rochester Commons, The Cavendish/The Chadwick/The Curie, Teletech Park and Ultro, we'll reach out to you on your collection dates soon!

About the Artist

Michael Ng aka Mindflyer

Website:     http://www.mindflyer.com/

Michael Ng  operating under the moniker “Mindflyer,” is a self-taught visual artist based in Singapore. With a creative journey spanning since 1989, Ng’s practice revolves around themes of flight and escapism. His distinctive approach combines intriguing forms, vibrant colors, and a playful infusion of retro sci-fi. Drawing inspiration from Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “The Little Prince”, Ng endeavors to imbue everything he creates with a sense of soaring freedom.

Ng’s portfolio include commissioned artworks for prestigious entities such as Coach, MAS, IBM, Microsoft, National Gallery Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, National Heritage Board, Samsung, and Jetstar. Beyond his canvas, Ng is the visionary behind the Illustration Arts Fest, an annual celebration since 2016. Additionally, he actively contributes as a founding member of the illustrator group OICsingapore, fostering engagement and mentorship for emerging illustrators since 2006.



Tenants Treats are exclusive to tenants of CapitaLand Workspace only and on first-come-first-served basis.