Christmas Parties for Every Budget

Who says you can’t host on a budget? Whether it’s $10, $20, or $50 per guest, here’s how you can throw a cosy, festive Christmas party for a group of five, complete with food, drinks, and decor.

And just like that, it’s already December. While some of us are used to travelling abroad, catching a truly white Christmas, we can still make this the most wonderful time of the year by hosting a cosy little Christmas party right at home (in groups of five, of course).

We know party planning can be tough (and frankly, even a bit expensive), so if you don’t know where to start or want some affordable alternatives, we’ve got you covered. From food and drinks to decor and games, here’s how you can be the host with the most with every budget this year.

Your Christmas Pary at just $10 per person!


String up small toys and figurines with cotton twine from POPULAR Book Store, and you’ll have yourself some one-of-a-kind ornaments that are sure to be great conversation starters. For more standardised decor, get a pack of six clear fillable baubles from Spotlight and fill them up with coloured tissue from Typo. You could also fill these baubles up with hot chocolate powder from NTUC FairPrice or FairPrice Finest, and mini marshmallows from Redman as a tasty decorative treat for your guests. For an even easier decor fix, glue some reusable fabric or recycled wrapping paper onto clean, empty cans or glass jars and use them as candle holders on the dining table. When it comes to DIY decor, the possibilities are truly endless.

Food and drinks

NTUC FairPrice supermarkets are great when it comes to settling party food on a budget. They have a wide range of cheese, cold cuts, and rotisserie chicken that, with a little bit of plating effort, can be elevated into a fancy charcuterie board and more. If you need a little help with cheese cutting and plating, we’ve got some resources for you here and here. Not only that, NTUC FairPrice has an extensive wine selection that’s great and affordable for all occasions. For an average of $20 a bottle, it’s a bang for your buck.

Games and activities

Secret Santa is a classic Christmas activity that doesn’t require much—just an online name generator to assign everyone a Santee, and a pre-determined budget. For a more sustainable Secret Santa, suggest that everyone who participates regifts an item that they might have received in previous years, but never used—of course, make sure that the item is still in good condition, and might be appreciated by the recipient! Games like charades and bingo are also great (free) options for the festive season as they can easily be spiced up with Christmas-specific phrases and icons.

POPULAR Book Store — Various outlets.

Spotlight — Plaza Singapura, #05-11 to 19; Westgate, #03-44 to 45 and #03-34 to 37. Both outlets open 11am to 9pm daily.

Typo — Bedok Mall, #01-09; Bugis Junction, #01-53 to 53A; Plaza Singapura, #02-30; Westgate, #02-22. All outlets open 10am to 10pm daily.

NTUC FairPrice — Various outlets.

Redman — Bukit Panjang Plaza, #01-33 to 34; Westgate, #B1-23. Both outlets open 10am to 10pm daily.

Here's how your $20 per person Christmas party can add that personalised touch!


Daiso is a really quite the treasure trove when it comes to party planning, especially during the festive season when their Christmas-themed products are displayed in all of their glory. Apart from your typical Christmas wreaths, wall hangings, and ornaments, be sure to check out their gifts and crafts aisle for more subtle decorative elements like ribbons, festive paper bags, and more. Prepare little gift bags filled with festive oddities and snacks for your guests, or make your own Christmas crackers at home by stuffing empty toilet or kitchen rolls with small gifts, wrapping them with wrapping paper, and securing either side with ribbons.

Food and drinks

Instead of the usual Christmas feast, why not prepare something a little different (and healthier) for a change? The grain bowls from Heybo are not only satisfying, they're also a wallet-friendly option. Their menu features a whole range of flavour profiles, from Mexican to Japanese, so there’s bound to be a Bo to suit everyone's tastes. You can even get them delivered straight to your home for fuss-free party prepping.

As for drinks, spice up a bottle of sparkling red sangria from NTUC FairPrice by adding orange and lemon slices, freshly squeezed lime juice, and muddled basil leaves. For something a bit sweeter and more fun, try making a Melona soju cocktail. Simply add two-three (or more) shots of green grape soju and half a can of beer to a glass, and stir the mixture with a Melona popsicle until you get a milky green concoction—yep, it’s as simple as that. You could also try making the smoothie version of this cocktail here.

Games and activities

Playing Monopoly with a group of friends or family always gets exciting, so why not try out a round or two of Monopoly Deal? Available at Toys “R” Us, this card version of the classic board game is more portable and provides a much quicker gameplay, making it perfect for parties.

Daiso — Bugis Junction, #03-01 and #03-27 to 28; IMM, #03-50; Plaza Singapura, #05-01 to 03. All outlets open 10am to 10pm daily except Bugis Junction, open 11am to 9pm daily.

Heybo — Capital Tower, #01-09, open 11am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.

NTUC FairPrice — Various outlets.

Toys “R” Us — Tampines Mall, #03-17A, open 10am to 10pm daily.

Your year-end indulgence with that $50 splurge!


When it comes to Christmas decor, nothing feels quite as festive and luxurious as Marks and Spencer’s sparkly baubles and pine garlands. From wall hangings to decorative table pieces, you’re sure to find  something to fit the theme of your Christmas party. We’d also recommend investing in a table runner because it’s a simple way to set the mood without taking up too much space on the dining table. This tartan table runner is a great option, plus it’s versatile enough to be used all year round if you wish.

Food and drinks

Arguably the highlight of any party, indulge in a decadent meal this Christmas. Violet Oon’s petit feasts are an excellent option for any party. Each set comes with quite a large range of dishes, including their signature tau hu goreng (fried tofu) and dry laksa. If you fancy Western food instead, Fremantle Seafood Market has seafood platters, pizzas, and more that make for great sharing plates. You can even opt to have your order delivered, and spend some time whipping up a simple dessert, like this basque burnt cheesecake, which makes use of just six ingredients, all of which can be found at NTUC FairPrice.

For drinks, stock up on hard liquor like gin and rum as well as mixers like Coca-Cola and tonic water and have a little mix-off with your guests. It’s a fun way to get everyone involved, and you might just create your new signature cocktail. Alternatively, check out some special Christmas cocktails to celebrate the Season’s spirits.

Games and activities

Who says decorating gingerbread houses is only for kids? Building your own gingerbread house is an activity that’s perfect for both the young and young at heart—and you get to eat it, too! For a more meaningful activity, the We’re Not Really Strangers card game is a great way to connect with your guests on a deeper level, whether you’ve been friends for a decade or have been newly acquainted.

Marks & Spencer — Plaza Singapura, #03-13 to 14 and #03-33, open 10:30am to 10pm daily; Raffles City Shopping Centre, #02-01, open 11am to 8pm daily.

Violet Oon Satay Bar & Grill — Clarke Quay, #01-18, Block B, open 6pm to 10:30pm Monday to Saturday.

Fremantle Seafood Market — Clarke Quay, #01-05 to 06, Block E, open 12pm to 3pm and 5pm to 10pm daily.

NTUC FairPrice — Various outlets.

So, are you inspired yet? No matter what your budget is, we hope you’ll have a time of good laughs and cheer with your friends and family this Christmas. Even as we’re busy decorating and preparing for the holidays, here are some more tips on how to have a sustainable and green Christmas. Happy holidays!

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