Commuter bikes to check out

Thinking of getting a bike to commute to work, home and just about anywhere? Here’s a round-up of the different types of bikes you can get to make your commute greener           

Cycling as a mode of transport not only helps you reduce your daily carbon footprint, but also enables you to clock in some cardio. Overwhelmed by the variety of bikes in the market? Start by understanding the different types, then opt for one that best suits your needs and riding style.

Road bikes

These are designed for fast riding on smooth pavement. They generally have lightweight frames, smooth and skinny tyres, drop handlebars and a wide range of gears. Due to their lightweight design, they are not the sturdiest, so take extra care when riding on uneven roads or in wet weather. 

Giant Contend 2

Check out

The Giant Contend 2 (pictured, available at Tay Junction) is a good entry-level roadie if you’re just starting out. It comes with an 8-speed Shimano Claris groupset and an alloy frame. For female cyclists, the Cannondale 2020 Synapse Carbon Disc Women's Tiagra (available at Cannasia) offers relaxed geometry specifically designed for petite riders, disc brakes, Shimano Tiagra build and carbon frame.

Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes (MTBs) are meant for rough or off-road terrain. They have wider, chunkier tyres, and usually have suspension to cushion jumps and drops. While MTBs are more durable than most bikes, they aren’t advisable for long distances as they are considerably heavier.

B’Twin 100 S AM Mountain Bike 27.5 11SP

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The B’Twin 100 S AM Mountain Bike 27.5 11SP (pictured) is worth checking out. The B’Twin is Decathlon’s in-house bike brand and offers a good combination of components at each price point. For an upgraded riding experience, the Specialized Chisel Comp (available at Specialized) is a practical MTB if you’re looking for something in the mid-range.

Planning to cycle to work? 

Our office properties are equipped with end-of-trip facilities for you to freshen up before you start your day:

✔️ Asia Square Tower 2

✔️ CapitaGreen

✔️ 79 Robinson Road (completion in Q2 2020)

✔️ CapitaSpring (completion in 2021)


If you’ve ever rented a bike at a park, you’re probably familiar with this. Hybrids have a combination of MTB and road bike features: upright riding position, flat handlebars and suspensions like MTBs, but with the sleek, narrower tyres of road bikes. With these versatile bikes, you can easily cycle on the road or venture off-road if you please.

Trek FX Sport 6

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The Merida 2020 Speeder 10 (available at Hup Leong) is a good starter bike that offers a comfortable experience for your daily commute. For a higher-end option, there is the all-carbon Trek FX Sport 6 (pictured) that boasts higher overall specs. This lightweight hybrid bike is available at Treknology.

Urban bikes

Also known as city bikes, these bikes are designed for the urban rider. They have similar characteristics as hybrids, but usually have fenders, chain guards and skirt guards to allow riding in regular clothes. They often come in stylish and chic designs, unlike their sportier counterparts.

Linus Dutchi 1 Cream

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Commute to work in style in the Linus Dutchi 1 Cream (pictured, available at Hello, Bicycle!). The best thing? It has a chain guard, so you won’t have to worry about getting chain grease on your work clothes. The Tokyobike BISOU (available at Tokyobike) is another relaxed model that comes with a grip-shifter system for easy gear-switching.

Folding bikes

These bikes are specially designed to be folded into a compact size so you can take it aboard the bus or train and store it under your desk at work. They feature a folding frame with small wheels. Most folding bikes cannot go as fast as other bikes, but what you lack in speed you make up for with portability and the freedom to hop on and off public transport with your bike.

Brompton M6L Black Matt

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The new Tern Link D8 (available at My Bike Shop) features an 8-speed drivetrain and an Andros handlebar that allows for tool-free adjustments. You can also check out the bestseller Brompton M6L Black Matt (available at Brompton).

Road safety tips

●       Always wear a helmet when cycling on the road.

●       Obey all traffic signs and cycle in the same direction as traffic.

●       Switch on your front white light and rear red light when cycling in the dark.

Click here for the full list of road rules for cyclists.

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