How To Have The Best Netflix Watch Parties

From tech products to fluffy blankets, we’ve got a list of everything you need to have the cosiest Netflix watch parties at home. Plus, we’ve also got recommendations for binge-worthy shows you can start on next.

New shows and films are added to Netflix regularly, but it feels like we binge watch them faster than Netflix can refresh their library. Emily in Paris, Singles Inferno, Kingdom, you name it, we’ve watched it all, and we’re itching for more. If you can relate, we’ve got some inspiration for you. Here are six shows we’re thinking of watching next, based on our recent favourites. Plus, we’ve also got recommendations for everything you need to have the cosiest Netflix watch parties at home or on-the-go, so read on for more.

For fans of Manifest — watch The OA

Image courtesy of The OA.

If you enjoyed being kept on the edge of your seat watching Manifest, you’ll love The OA. Although there are only 16 episodes spread across two seasons, its strange and mysterious plot will have you hooked right from the get go.

The story revolves around Prairie Johnson, an adopted young woman who mysteriously resurfaces after being missing for seven years, referring to herself as “The OA” (short for “the Original Angel”), has regained her eyesight despite being blind before her disappearance, and now has the ability to travel across different dimensions. Stranger things, indeed.

Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after season two, leaving the story with a major cliffhanger. That said, we still think the series is worth a watch for its strong narrative and haunting score in the background.

To experience The OA in its full glory, you’ll want to watch it on the big screen—throw some pillows on the floor and screen it on the wall with Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Compact Projector, and hook up some Bluetooth speakers from Bose for a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home.

Images courtesy of Xiaomi (L) and Bose (R).

For fans of Emily in Paris — watch The Bold Type and Call My Agent!

Image courtesy of The Bold Type.

Emily in Paris might be full of stereotypes and clichés, but it’s a breezy, fun rom-com that’s easy to watch, and provides a quick escape from reality. For a similar, feel-good series to binge, give The Bold Type a go.

Image courtesy of IMDb.

Like Emily in Paris, The Bold Type is a dramatic comedy, this time about a trio of best girlfriends living in New York City and working for a fictional global women’s magazine, Scarlet. The series follows the trio as they navigate life in the big city, and explore different career trajectories and romantic relationships.

Spanning five seasons, four of which are currently on Netflix, the story was inspired by the life and career of former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, Johanna Coles.

For something more witty and authentically French, watch Call My Agent!. The premise is simple—after the sudden death of their founder, four agents in a French talent agency scramble to juggle the requests of their star clients and keep the business afloat.

Currently, there are four seasons of the show on Netflix, but earlier last year, it was announced that a fifth season and 90-minute film version of the show is in the works—all the more reason to binge on this next.

Whether you’re watching The Bold Type or Call My Agent!, you’ll want to cosy up with some friends to laugh (or cry) together. To host the comfiest Netflix watch party, huge plushies from Miniso, fluffy socks and blankets from Marks & Spencer, and ultra soft pyjamas from Uniqlo are a must. You could even go all out and invest in a mini popcorn maker from Courts so you can have warm, fresh popcorn whenever you want!

Images courtesy of Marks and Spencer (L) and Courts (R).

For fans of Singles Inferno — watch Bed on the Beach and Love and Joy

Images courtesy of Bed on the Beach (L) and My Drama List (R).

There’s no lack of reality dating shows on Netflix. If you’re done with Singles Inferno and on the hunt for a new dating show, try Bed on the Beach and Love and Joy, both of which can be found on YouTube with English subs. We know we promised Netflix recommendations, but trust us, these ones are well worth a shot.

In Bed on the Beach, the title says it all—a group of six young singles are invited to stay in a luxurious holiday home on an island to find true love. Inspired by Netflix’s Love Island, the mini series only consists of six episodes, with each episode an average of 35 minutes long. If you loved Singles Inferno, you’ll definitely like Bed on the Beach as well. No spoilers here, but for a YouTube series, it’s a lot better than expected.

On the other hand, Love and Joy is a lot more natural and relatable. In this eight-episode series, the show explores the grey area between platonic and romantic relationships. Four pairs of friends are invited to live together in a communal house, where they get to know new people as well as each other better, to find out whether or not a friendship between a man and a woman can be purely platonic.

Since both of these series have pretty short episodes, it’s easy to watch them on-the-go. Just make sure you have a good pair of headphones and a portable charger on hand. If you need new ones, we recommend Audio-Technica’s wireless headphones, but if you’d like a simple pair, Challenger has great options for every budget.

Images courtesy of Audio-Technica (L) and Challenger (R).

For fans of Love and Leashes — watch D.P. and Sky Castle

Okay, so there might not be anything quite like the plot of Love and Leashes in our inventory of K-drama knowledge, but what we love most about this new film is that it boldly addresses topics like kinks and sexual preferences, as well as the duality of humans in a relatable, heartwarming, and humorous way. It pushes boundaries while remaining lighthearted, and is quite a bold step in a more liberal direction for a rather conservative society like South Korea.

This isn’t the first time that K-films and K-dramas have sought to discuss more taboo topics though. If you enjoyed the exploration of less talked about topics in Love and Leashes, you’ll enjoy D.P..

The plot of D.P. revolves around one of the most pressing issues in South Korean society—the toxic nature of the South Korean military. Like Singapore, military service is compulsory for all South Korean men aged 18 to 28. While the toxicity of South Korea’s military service is no secret (think physical violence, sexual assault, and dehumanising humiliation), many of these cases go unreported.

Created by Kim Bo Tong, the webtoonist behind the original D.P. Dog Days, the series aims to challenge the notion that the South Korean military is no longer as bad as it once was, and to let silent sufferers know that they are not alone. According to reviews from South Korean men, the drama is so hyperrealistic that it triggered post-traumatic stress disorders in them, and gave them nightmares about their own experiences in the military. Consider yourselves warned.

Image courtesy of My Drama List.

Yet another painfully relatable K-drama to watch would be Sky Castle, which reflects the struggles that South Korean kids face due to the immense pressure of their parents’ expectations for them.

The drama dives into the world of the materialistic upper-class residing in Sky Castle, a luxurious residential estate in suburban Seoul. Here, housewives (or tai tais as we know them) are more than determined to do what it takes to get their child into one of three prestigious universities in Seoul—Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University—even if it means stepping on the backs of others.

Image courtesy of My Drama List.

As with most K-dramas, each episode of D.P. and Sky Castle are very lengthy (at least an hour long), so no matter what device you’re watching on, you’ll definitely want to be as comfortable as possible. If you prefer huddling up in bed to watch on your phone or tablets, we recommend investing in a good mobile phone or tablet holder from Gadget Hub. But if you prefer sprawling out on the couch and playing it on the big screen, you’ll need a soft, comfy throw from Hooga to really indulge.

Images courtesy of Unsplash (L) and Hooga (R).

So, which series will you be binge watching next, and what products will you be adding to your cart? While you're shopping, check out our mini guide on what to add to your wardrobe based on your favourite characters from trending Netflix series here (or, on your left). Happy shopping, and happy watching!

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