Gifting with Love Languages

We all want to love and to be loved, but in what ways do we desire this? Discover your love language and learn how it can help you best show love to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

We’re coming up to the annual day of love, and single or not, you may be battling a slight case of the Valentine’s Day jitters. For those who celebrate the occasion and are wrecking their heads for gift ideas, read on to find out how you can better shower your loved ones with the right kind of love, and win some brownie points while you're at it!

To better answer the question of what your loved ones would adore, we have prepared a love language test for you! The questions are divided into two parts: How I love and How I want to be loved. All you have to do is pick the answer that best describes your preference. Even better, get your loved ones involved too; it’s possible to have differing love languages, which might shine a light on possible points of friction in your relationship.

Love Language Test (approx. 3 minutes)

Part 1: How I love

1.       My partner did me a favour, so I _______.

a.       return the favour

b.       tell them how much it means to me

c.        give them a kiss to show my thanks

d.       bring them out on a date

e.       buy them a gift to show my appreciation


2.       My partner and I are ready to take our relationship to the next stage, I do so by _______.

a.       taking up more responsibilities in the relationship

b.       writing a heartfelt letter to express my love

c.        initiating more intimacy

d.       prioritising more time for us to be together

e.       saving up to buy a special gift


3.       When my partner is struggling with a task, I _______.

a.       offer my help

b.       provide encouragement and support

c.        give a back massage

d.       stay with them until the task is complete

e.       treat them to a good meal after the task is completed


4.       After a fight, I make it up to my partner by _______.

a.       taking out the rubbish

b.       apologising and discussing solutions to the problem

c.        holding them close

d.       going on a walk together

e.       giving them an apology present


5.       My partner comes back from a long trip abroad, I _______.

a.       pick them up from the airport and help with the luggage

b.       tell them how much I’ve missed them

c.        run to give them a hug

d.       spend the day catching up on lost time

e.       surprise them with a gift


Part 2: How I want to be loved

1.       After a trying day at work, I feel better when my partner _______.

a.       offers to make dinner so that I can rest

b.       reminds me of my strengths and progress

c.        gives me a big hug

d.       plans an activity together to take my mind off my troubles

e.       buys me something I like to cheer me up


2.       I feel secure in my relationship when my partner _______.

a.       takes care of my needs

b.       tells me how much I’m loved

c.        is physically close to me

d.       takes time to do things with me

e.       spoils me with gifts


3.       When I’m sick, I want my partner to _______.

a.       help out with errands

b.       assure me that I will be okay

c.        rub my back

d.       stay in bed with me to play video games and watch TV

e.       buy me some chocolate or ice cream


4.       I feel loved when my partner _______.

a.       periodically checks in on me

b.       sings my praises

c.        touches me affectionately

d.       puts away their phone when spending time with me

e.       takes care in finding the right gifts for me


5.       The key to my heart is _______.

a.       a helping hand

b.       a handwritten love letter

c.        a warm embrace

d.       undivided attention

e.       a thoughtful gift

Results based on most-picked option:

a — Acts of service

b — Words of affirmation

c — Physical touch

d — Quality time

e — Gifting


Now that you know your unique love language, you can use it to strengthen your relationships with Valentine’s Day around the corner.

Physical Touch

The most obvious show of affection is through physical contact. As the name suggests, people with this love language yearn to be physically close to their partners, and enjoy intimacy in the forms of hugging, kissing, and more.

For you physical beings, the perfect Valentine’s Day date could be as simple as staying in to Netflix and chill, or as indulgent as a full-body massage—who wouldn’t appreciate a foot rub and a back knead, especially by your significant other? To make the experience a tad more pleasurable, get your hands on some soothing products, such as the massage balms from Lush that are oh-so tantalising!

Outside of the bedroom, physical connections don’t have to be all touchy-feely. From baking to roller-skating, there are many activities that are as physical as they are fun. If a night to remember (or not) is what you’re searching for, Zouk is the place for just that! Break into your best moves on the dance floor and feel your heart thump to the beat of iconic music mixed by local and international DJs.


The Tranquil massage balm from Lush emanates a sweet violet scent that soothes right down to the bones. Image courtesy of Lush.

Words of Affirmation

Another kind of feeling is the use of words to express love. Words are powerful, and sometimes, a few sincere words are all it takes to make things better. Depending on the nature of your relationship, a romantic gift for a partner whose love language is words of affirmation can be as cheesy as a poem or as lyrical as a song. Trust us, handwritten letters will never go out of style.

Want to eternalise special words that encapsulate your relationship onto physical, wearable objects instead? Jewellery like bangles are tasteful options that go with most any outfit, and artisanal jeweller, SOAMI, has a number of charming pieces with customisable engraving to best represent your love.

Personalise one-of-a-kind messages on SOAMI’s bangle bundle. Image courtesy of SOAMI.
WTS Travel can take you to luxurious Maldivian destinations for the perfect couples retreat. Image courtesy of WTS Travel.

Quality Time

Time is love for those with this love language. When we say quality time, we don’t mean scrolling on your phones side by side, but being present and spending uninterrupted moments with your loved ones.

Now that international borders have reopened, why not seize this time to go on a romantic getaway? Whether you fancy being out in the sun or knee-deep in snow, WTS Travel has a tour package just for you, so you can create unforgettable memories with your other half. If you’re feeling lucky, get all your shopping and dining needs sorted at CapitaLand malls and stand a chance to be one out of three lucky winners to win an all-expenses paid trip for 4 persons to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Speaking of time, Swatch’s new Valentine’s Day collection* will undoubtedly melt your hearts with romance-themed watches that are both functional and eye-catching. Grab these fun arm candies for your partner to serve as a cute reminder to make time for each other.

*Available until 28 February, or while stocks last.

It’s always love o’clock according to the Recipe for Love watch by Swatch. Image courtesy of Swatch.
Hone your culinary mastery with the guidance of skilful and professional instructors. Image courtesy of ABC Cooking Studio.

Acts of Service

For some, nothing says “I love you” more than practical gestures such as doing the dishes and helping to handle difficult tasks. But that isn’t to say acts of service cannot be romantic as well.

A particularly understated joy is coming home to a home-cooked meal, so try preparing a feast for your loved ones this season. Here’s a bonus: add an element of mouth-watering surprise by upgrading your culinary skills. There are many tutorials and recipes you can follow out there, but we suggest a more hands-on experience at ABC Cooking Studio, especially if you love Japanese cuisine. To give it a go, you can sign up for an affordable trial lesson that will probably leave you craving for more. 

The tastiest gesture of love through a heart-shaped cake from Swensen’s. Image courtesy of Swensen’s.


Back to the question of chocolates and flowers—yay or nay? If your partner loves them, then 100% yay! Gift-giving is a great way to show your appreciation, but most of us prefer presents that display a level of thought and effort put into them. After all, you wouldn’t want to give milk chocolates to someone who likes them dark.

In fact, there’s no better way to show your love than with good food. If it’s a sweet-tooth you’re treating, Swensen’s will make the day even sweeter with a limited edition strawberry ice cream cake that oozes with a crimson glaze. What’s more, you’ll be provided with a piping bag full of chocolate fudge to give it a personal touch. 

Should you need more gifting ideas for your Valentine, you’re just in time for our shopping festivals at CapitaLand malls all-year round, where you’ll be spoilt with a wide selection of apparel, beauty products, and other goodies. And because we love, “LOVE”, we’re giving away $10 eVouchers with the promo code “VDAY10OFF on the CapitaStar App*, so don’t miss out on the chance to find a meaningful gift, and maybe snag a matching couple outfit for your coming Valentine’s Day date.

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While it’s nice to have a special day to commemorate love, there is the rest of the year, all 364 days to show your beloved how much you care. So instead of becoming too fixated on the ins and outs of this day, use your new knowledge of the different love languages to have open conversations with your loved ones, and watch your relationships blossom.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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