Celebrating Womenhood

This International Women’s Day, let’s embrace womanhood and uplift all the women in our lives and beyond, because they are deserving and amazing! 

Ladies, we're sure many of you would agree that it isn’t easy being a woman, especially in male-dominated industries and communities. For the longest time, women all around the world have battled with basic rights and discrimination in one form or another. In fact, according to the World Bank’s Women, Business and the Law 2022 report, it was revealed that women in 86 countries face some form of job restriction, and 95 countries do not guarantee equal pay for equal work across genders.

Thankfully, things have improved by leaps and bounds in the last century, and are continuing to be improved upon even as we speak, from the implementation of fairer voting rights to ensuring better workplace equality, and even the commemoration of 8 March as a day for women.

But how does one special day a year make a difference? Well, think of this day as a culmination of the advances made in the women’s rights movement—an annual celebration of the achievements of women worldwide, and a call for change in the ongoing issues that women face. That said, here are three communities of women we should show some love to this International Women’s Day. 

The women in our lives

The women nearest and dearest to us play an essential role in shaping who we are and helping us navigate through life. As they’ve loved and supported us, now’s our turn to celebrate them. Sometimes, honouring the women we love doesn’t require expenses or extravagance, but simply the act of being present. This could mean listening to your sister’s dreams, giving your wife a break from chores, showing your mother appreciation for all that she does for you, or supporting a friend through challenging times.

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Ladies, before you go about pampering others, remember to celebrate yourself too. Make time for self-care activities that you enjoy, be it exercising, meditating, or taking a relaxing bath. While you’re at it, why not splurge on something you’ve been eyeing on the shelves, perhaps the latest smartphone or a stylish handbag.

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The women in business

One of the biggest ways you can empower the women in your community is to support women-led companies. Unfortunately, women make up only 27.5% of business owners in Singapore[1], likely because women entrepreneurs face significant challenges in starting and growing their businesses, from access and capital to gender bias. Despite the odds against them, we’re starting to see more and more women embarking on new business ventures—and flourishing.

In fact, CapitaLand malls alone house a variety of businesses run by incredible girl bosses! We’ve compiled a list of women-owned businesses you’re sure to love, or are likely already a regular of.

Food & Beverage


Beauty & Wellness



An Açai Affair

Fash Mob



Ode to Art

Butter Studio

Love Bonito

Jean Yip

Sunday Bedding

The Better Toy Store

Shake Shake in a Tub

mini mono





The women in the service sector

Even as you celebrate the women around you this International Women’s Day, don’t forget to show some love to the women who serve us everyday—the delivery riders, bus drivers, domestic workers, janitors, waitstaff, and so many others.

There are many ways to show your appreciation to women in the service industry, the easiest being a simple thank you or a sincere smile. Small encouraging phrases or words of care take practically nothing from us, but can make all the difference in making service women feel valued and motivated to keep up the good work.b                            

Apart from offering encouragement, how about providing tangible rewards for their hard work? Leaving positive feedback on company websites or social media pages can greatly support women in their careers, and encourages others to engage in their excellent services as well. Although not a popular practice in Singapore, for services that accept tipping such as in ride hailing and food deliveries, you can also financially show your gratitude by giving a generous tip.

Let’s not take for granted women in service sector jobs, like the bus drivers who transport us safely to our destinations everyday. Image courtesy of SBS Transit Ltd.

In the midst of your celebrations, don’t let the true purpose of International Women’s Day get lost on you. While these are good practices for observing the symbolic day, we should strive to make it a habit to uplift women everywhere, everyday.

Here’s wishing all fabulous ladies a very Happy International Women's Day!

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