How I make the most of my mornings

Having an effective morning routine can help set the day for you. CCT tenants tell us their morning routines and why it works for them, and give us tips on how to build a good regimen for ourselves.

Establishing a morning routine that works for you can help set yourself up for success. The good news is that there is no right or wrong morning routine — it is good enough as long as it is effective in helping you kick-start your day. We ask CCT tenants to share their morning routines with us and here’s what we found.

A little me-time in the morning can put you in the
right state of mind

“I usually wake up at 7am or earlier, wash up, then drink a cup of apple cider vinegar, honey and water. While drinking, I check emails and messages that were sent overnight to make sure there is nothing urgent I need to attend to. I also browse news headlines so I’m aware of breaking news that might impact our business.” – Amelia Zhong, planner at South32 Marketing, CapitaGreen

“I have a pretty regulated sleeping pattern, so I am habitually up early. I have breakfast at home before heading to the office and the half an hour I spend on breakfast is my downtime where I allow myself to relax before the busy workday begins. After that, I take about 15 minutes to get ready before heading out. It doesn’t always happen, but if I’m able to grab a seat on my 45-minute commute, I would try to catch up on the news or get a quick nap. Then, it’s work mode from 8:30am sharp!” - Tan Yiting, manager at Vertex Ventures, Raffles City Tower

Organising your work tasks can help you get ready
for the day

“When I reach the office in the morning, I would power up my devices, then have my breakfast while going through my emails. I will delete the unnecessary ones and flag the ones that require action. Once I’m done with breakfast, I create my daily to-do list and get working.” - Peggy Poh, officer at EDB, Raffles City Tower

“I spend some time in the morning checking my schedule for the day and going through emails to make note of the important things I’ll need to do and prioritise them. While it is tempting to multitask and try to accomplish several things at once, I am more productive when I focus on completing one task and getting into a ‘flow’. After each meeting or task, I try to take a break by getting a cup of tea or walking about a bit before going back to my desk. This helps me keep my energy levels high and mentally prepare for the next task.” - Amelia Zhong

A routine can help you be prepared for the unexpected

“I’m a person who sets and sticks to my daily routine, especially when it comes to timing. I’ve trained myself to arrive at work at least 20 minutes ahead of my official work hours, so I would have sufficient time to handle any last-minute crisis that may occur. I will feel ‘late for work’ if I arrive any closer to my official hours.” - Patricia Chan, office administrator at Thenamaris Singapore, Six Battery Road

“It’s healthy to set a routine in the morning, so even if work changes unexpectedly during the day, I am in the right state of mind to handle it. Even if I am particularly tired on a certain day, muscle memory works wonders in helping me maintain my morning routine.” - Tan Yiting

While skipping routines can throw you off track, it’s also important to cut yourself some slack and leave room for adjustments

“A routine can really help you get moving when the day begins, but I also think one should not feel terrible about themselves if they occasionally find themselves having to skip it. I do have my ‘ideal routine’, but it’s not something that I force myself to follow to a tee. I see it as a selection of good, positive things I can do for myself, and I will do the ones that work for me on a given day.” - Tamara Kisha, public affairs officer working in One George Street

And be free to create a routine that works for you

“First, you need to know what you want out of your morning and create habits that help you achieve this. This can help you stick to the routine on days you find it hard to. Although I find it difficult to wake up on work days, once I am out of bed, my routine kicks in.” - Peggy Poh

“Plan and organise your routine well, but be adaptable. For me, I have just three steps: wake at 7am and leave for work at 8am; sleep at 10pm to clock in 8 hours of beauty sleep; and workout every Monday and Wednesday to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.” - Patricia Chan 

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