How to Stay Young at Heart

Is age really just a number? Find out as we embark on a journey towards staying youthful amidst life’s ebb and flow. 

It might be somewhat cliché to say that age is just a number, but this adage might just hold more truth than you realise. Remarkably, recent studies suggest that being “young at heart” is not purely a fleeting emotion or an optimistic outlook, but a mindset that is linked to real benefits such as a lower risk of depression and dementia, as well as greater health in general! Simply put, feeling and believing that we’re younger than our actual age can quite possibly help us to live longer, healthier, and happier[1].

With that in mind, let’s get straight to the point and dive into the secrets to staying youthful from the inside-out.

Keep moving

When it comes to ageing, exercise is the elixir of youth. Beyond the evident physical benefits like improved cardiovascular health and reduction in the risk of chronic diseases, regular exercise can boost cognitive functions and overall mental wellbeing too.

In our green city, we are blessed with a perfect blend of urban and natural landscapes perfect for partaking in a diverse range of outdoor activities, from serene hikes by the reservoir to kayaking trips in the surrounding sea. If you prefer to stay indoors, there lie plenty more options to keep active. At CapitaLand malls, for instance, you can find incredible infrastructure for rock climbing at Funan and Bugis+!

That said, it’s important to take care of your body and stay safe whenever you workout, by drinking up and packing all the essentials required for the sport. Whatever you may need for your next excursion, we bet that you can find it at Decathlon—after all, it’s one of the largest sports retailers in the country. With rows and rows of equipment, attire, and tools, Decathlon is something of a supermarket for well-priced sporting goods, so be sure to stop by the next time you need a new racket or camping tent. 

In the spirit of community, Decathlon frequently hosts free sports activities for members and their kids to get active together. Image courtesy of Decathlon.

Eat well

Diving deeper into our quest for youthfulness, we must acknowledge the crucial role that nutrition plays. A balanced diet is rich in essential vitamins and minerals ensure the optimal functioning of both our body and mind. But don’t be nervous when you hear the word ‘healthy’, because we’re not talking about restrictive diets and tasteless meals—where’s the fun in that?

When nourishing ourselves with healthful foods, a little goes a long way. By simply substituting certain ingredients with healthier options, whether you’re cooking at home or dining out, you can significantly improve your diet without compromising on the taste of your favourite dishes.

Lucky for us living in Singapore, we’re at the heart of a gastronomical haven that is made up of diverse flavours and fragrances, so good food is certainly not hard to come by, even those from faraway lands! All around the world, Mediterranean food is touted as one of, if not the healthiest cuisines one can consume, due to its abundance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and white meat dishes.

Well, you don’t have to travel across the world to savour these Mediterranean delights as you can now get a taste of Greece at the heart of CQ @ Clark Quay at Zorba the Greek Taverna. Along the waterfront of the Singapore River, enjoy the best of al-fresco dining with colourful platters and refreshing salads, the next best thing to a beach holiday in Santorini, if you ask us! 

Looking at this scrumptious spread of grilled meat and seafood is enough to make our mouths water. Image courtesy of Zorba the Greek Taverna.

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep, often overlooked in our rush through life, is the silent guardian of youth. Having adequate rest doesn’t just ward off dark circles, but also helps to heal and restore our whole being. Of course, time is not always on our side, especially in the daily corporate grind. So if you find yourself lacking in snooze hours, why not shift your focus to something within your control—the quality of your sleep?

The foundation for good sleep literally lies beneath us on our beds. Since everyone has different sleep habits and needs, finding the right mattress is crucial for spinal support and overall comfort. That said, let’s not take for granted the importance of good sheets too. That’s right, high-grade bedding promotes deeper sleep, reduces discomfort, and leads to more rejuvenating rest.

For our hot and humid weather, we recommend breathable fabrics made from linen, bamboo, or Tencel fibre to keep you cool through the night, all of which can be found at Sunday Bedding. Dedicated to providing you with the uninterrupted slumber that you deserve, Sunday Bedding’s products go through stringent quality checks for the best night’s sleep, with a 30-wash guarantee to boot. Plus, they are made from ethically-sourced materials through sustainable production. 

On top of that, establishing a nighttime routine specific to your needs can be greatly beneficial too. Whether it’s winding down with a book or slathering on Aesop's Sublime Replenishing Night Masque, honouring pre-sleeping rituals can give rise to a truly restorative rest, so you can wake up fresh and ready to tackle each day.

Not only are they comfy, Sunday Bedding’s gorgeous pieces will help spruce up your home decor for a space that’s uniquely you. Image courtesy of Sunday Bedding.
Wind down with Aesop's range of products for a restorative rest. Image courtesy of Aesop.

Bring out your inner child

Last but not least, how better to feel younger than to become a child again? No, we don’t mean travelling back in time, but merely revisiting nostalgic places, reliving lost pastimes, or reconnecting with old friends, and we have just the spot in mind to do all that!   

Now picture this—you’re getting your game on with a bunch of your best mates at a neon grunge playground filled with old-timey games from Mortal Kombat to air hockey, while rocking to incredible tunes by local DJs and bands. That’s exactly what you can expect at Level Up, a nostalgia-themed arcade and live music bar where child-like whimsies are not only warranted, but highly encouraged.

Ultimately, staying youthful is less about the years we’ve lived, but rather cherishing every moment we have in life and having fun along the way. By taking mindful steps to ensure that our body, mind, and soul are taken care of, we can create a life enriched with health, happiness, and an enduring youthfulness!

Still got what it takes to score a high score at the arcade? Put your skills to the test at Level Up. Image courtesy of Level Up.

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