5 Toilets For The Gram

Toilets are not just for bio breaks, they can also be a perfect spot for your next Instagram photo.

Whether you call them John, the lavatory, or simply the restroom, they all have one thing in common – it’s where we go for bio breaks and to freshen ourselves. Yet, who knew that toilets would be perfect for those selfies for our social media feeds?

Yes, it might sound absurd, but there are plenty of picturesque and charming toilets in our buildings. Plus, who can resist a simple and pretty bathroom selfie? Let’s take a loo-k at five Insta-Worthy toilets in CapitaLand’s buildings. 

1. Pure Yoga @ Asia Square Tower 2

One word to describe this toilet – zen.

We’re not kidding. With their neutral colour palette, wood panels and detailed grey walls, Pure Yoga has managed to bring peace from their yoga classes to even their bathrooms.

As calming music plays in the background, members can freshen themselves up after class with an array of facilities provided. From shower rooms, washers, to even vanity booths, Pure Yoga ensures that their toilets are able to make their members feel good even after class. Their toilets also come with lockers for their members to store their belongings before they head to class.

All we can say is, their classy and chic interior speaks for itself as to why it would be fitting for your feed.

Location: #06-02 Asia Square Tower 2, 12 Marina View, Singapore 018961

2. lyf Funan

lyf Funan’s common toilet’s interior is what we would like to describe as “playful industrial”.

Stepping onto the cement floor of the entrance, you will be greeted by a charming sink area – three sinks huddled together in a circle. Appropriately called Royal Flush, the toilet is flushed with a pink hue coming from the giant neon sign on the white-tiled wall; a perfect spot for an Outfit-Of-The-Day (OOTD) shot.

What’s more? Well, Royal Flush’s main feature is their line of an army of rubber ducks on top of the wall! This adds a pleasant and playful surprise to users visiting the restroom. With its vibrant and fresh charms, this toilet is definitely insta-worthy!

Location: Level 4 Funan Mall, 67 Hill Street, Singapore 179370

3. The Metro, Bridge+ 79 Robinson Road

Located in The Metro at Bridge+ 79 Robinson Road, this toilet gives off a welcoming and friendly demeanour for its users – whether it be tenants or guests who come here to attend a function or an event.

With their warm wood decal beautifully contrasting the black marble as well as white tiles, this toilet is contemporary and cheerful. Stepping in, visitors are bound to be drawn towards the giant mirror that’s perfect for more OOTD shots. 

What really gives this toilet its flair would be their selection of paintings around the wall. These paintings are a cherry on top, completing the toilet’s look to further emphasise its convivial aesthetic.

Location: Level 2, The Metro, Bridge+79 Robinson Road, Singapore 068897

End-of-Trip Facilities

These toilets are perfect for when you’re feeling wiped after a workout session, to even a long cycling trip.

4. 79 Robinson Road

Located right at the basement of 79 Robinson Road, this toilet’s modern look is a sight for sore eyes.

79 Robinson Road’s End-of-Trip (EOT) facilities toilet is a spacious area to cool down and refresh. Sleek and stylish, this toilet is perfect for those who are going for a more modish vibe for their Instagram feed. Take a selfie at the vanity booths, equipped with a hairdryer for your use, or even an OOTD shot at the decal wall detailed with an abstract painting.

If bright colours are more of your thing, not to worry! This toilet playfully contrasts yellow to the neutral colours on the bathroom doors behind the sink area – great for a mirror selfie against a bright background!

Location: Basement 1, 79 Robinson Road, Singapore 068897

5. Nordic European Centre

The monochrome and elegant feel of Nordic European Centre’s EOT facilities toilet makes you feel as if you were stepping into a 5-Star hotel bathroom.

Its ultra-modern aesthetic will astonish anyone as they step into the toilet. With marble counters, black and white tiled walls and gold-plated light fixtures, this toilet is also great for a modish Instagram feed, or even a black and white one!

Don’t hesitate to take a selfie at the giant mirror located at the back of the sink area, where a Dyson hairdryer is even provided for your use!

Location: Level 2, 3 International Business Park, Singapore 609927

We all know that the obvious is our number one priority when it comes to visiting the restroom but taking pictures for our feeds can definitely be our number two.

Watch the video below to see the toilets in its full glory:

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