A Collector’s Vault: Things to Collect and Where to Get Them

If, like us, you love to collect beautiful, vintage, or rare things, stick around as we look at some popular collectible items and where you can find them at CapitaLand malls. 

Humans are innate collectors. Even as the world shifts and changes, the art of collecting remains a timeless passion for many. Collecting allows us to expand our knowledge on societal narratives and visual literacy, and even make exciting—sometimes profitable—investments, and every collection offers a window into our unique interests, be it a relic of bygone times or a snapshot of popular culture.

Here, we take a closer look at five popular types of collectibles, and how you can start or grow your collection at CapitaLand malls, because let’s be real, one is never enough.

1. Film memorabilia

Whether it’s an action-packed superhero film or a sappy romance drama, we all enjoy stories that have the ability to hold us spellbound through gripping plots, a compelling cast, and enchanting set and costume designs. And since the dawn of moving pictures, avid fans have been collecting posters, props, and figurines of their favourite films and characters. This is especially so for cult classics and nostalgic childhood hits, evidenced by the current rise of live-action adaptations of Disney movies that saw floods of resurrected memories and merchandise, transporting us back to remarkable moments on the silver screen. 

If you’re a fellow film buff, you have to pay a visit to Plaza Singapura, which has an entire seventh floor dedicated to movie magic, such as Movie Replicas Collection. A cornucopia of every kind of movie keepsake you can imagine, you’ll be spoilt for choice by the wide selection of both vintage and new edition collectibles. Whatever it is, you’ll surely be enticed to bring a piece of fiction back home.

That said, collectibles don’t come cheap, so don’t hide them away in storage. A cool way to appreciate your collection is to make them a part of your home or office decor to showcase your distinctive style—the trusted Japanese franchise, Daiso, has just the solution for you. Among the rows of household delights, you can find affordable, multipurpose cases in various sizes to keep your precious goods safe while on display. 

Calling all fans of the renowned manga and anime series One Piece—get your hands on an action figure of your favourite characters to commemorate the new live-action adaption series on Netflix. Image courtesy of Movie Replicas Collection.

2. Shoes

Wearable collectibles are a great choice for a collection that you can flaunt daily. Anything we don from head to toe can essentially become a legitimate collection. In particular, footwear has emerged as a symbol of culture, identity, and art, beyond functionality.

For the sneakerheads out there, JD Sports is the place to be for the latest shoe drops. We’re talking limited edition designs and iconic collaborations from the classic Nike Air Force 1 basketball shoes to the fashionable Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoes. What’s more, the store also offers other types of trendy footwear like casual sandals and the iconic Crocs.

Since you’ll be trotting around in your fresh kicks, don’t slack on regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them in pristine condition for as long as possible. As it happens, JD Sports has got your soles covered with sneaker shields, shoe fresheners, and other protective products from the world’s fastest growing sneaker care brand, Crep Protect.

Raise your footwear game up a notch by customising your Crocs with colourful Jibbitz shoe charms for endless creativity and very happy feet. Image courtesy of JD Sports.

3. Watches

In a similar vein, watches have been hot on the collector’s market for a long time, even seeing snaking queues in recent highly anticipated releases. A mark of craftsmanship, status, and taste, collectors regard watches as heirlooms and works of art that stand the test of time.

Those who appreciate variety and luxury will love the watches that the newest Breitling store at Raffles City has to offer.  For these quality timepieces, the devil is in the details, and each piece is sculpted with state-of-the-art precision calibers that have been perfected over decades to bring you collection after collection of prestigious wrist candies worth investing in.

What we’ve learnt about creating valuable collections is the importance of depth and careful curation. It’s not always about chasing the newest releases or latest trends, but about going for designs and pieces you truly appreciate, which could mean revisiting older pieces that you might have missed. As such, we’d recommend perusing through outlet stores, like the City Chain Outlet at IMM Building, not only for attractive past-season models from over 15 industry-leading brands such as Casio and Solvil et Titus, but also a good bargain too! 

Breitling has a watch to accompany you as you navigate the world, whether you’re on land (left; Chronomat), in the air (centre; Navitimer), or at sea (right; Superocean). Images courtesy of Breitling.

4. Art

Besides the sentimental aspect of collecting, many collectors get into the hobby for the pleasure of accumulating beautiful things. For instance, collecting art has been a huge global trend for centuries, and can involve any creative form from paintings to the less tangible non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that recently exploded in popularity.

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Like art, collecting is a subjective and expansive hobby, and there’s plenty to go around for everyone. Lovers of contemporary art must pay a visit to Ode to Art to relish in their diverse portfolio of paintings, photography, sculptures, and installations by critically-acclaimed artists among the likes of Mauro Perruchetti and Qin Feng. 

There’s no better place to lose yourself than in a room full of captivating art. Image courtesy of Ode to Art.

For those who prefer a modern take on art, CO PLAY is the place for you! Operating with the motto ‘No Play, No Life’, the creative space is a playground for all things pop culture, where you can get to meet artists at work, browse a spectrum of fun art and toy collectibles, and even get your hauls personalised on the spot! What’s more, CO PLAY spotlights local artists that are thinking outside of the box of conventional art and paving the way in the arts scene.

5. Blind Boxes & Capsule Toys

All things aside, sometimes collecting just comes down to the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of acquiring a desirable item. In fact, a little mystery is not new to consumers, as seen in the long-standing hype for fashion and beauty grab bags, and advent calendars of all sorts during festive seasons. That said, a newer kind of collectible that has been gaining popularity are blind boxes (à la POP MART) and capsule toys from vending machine dispensers known as Gashapon.

Blind box connoisseurs, you’d know that the go-to spot for stocking up on new additions is the POP MART flagship store at Funan, where we often find ourselves spoilt for choice amidst the shelves of different collections, both old and new. Alternatively, back at Plaza Singapura, Simply Toys houses a plethora of blind boxes and other popular collector’s items like Funko Pop and Bearbrick figurines that are every modern-day collector’s dream. While you’re there, don’t miss out on the Gashapon haven, Gashapon Bandai Official Shop just a few floors below to try your luck at scoring some cute collectibles. 

Immerse yourself in rows and rows of vending machines full of pocket-sized toys, keychains, and more at Gashapon Bandai. Image courtesy of Gashapon Bandai Official Shop.

Whether you're just starting collection or have been at it for years, there's always something new to discover and a great community of like-minded collectors to engage with, so dive in and enjoy every moment of the hunt! 

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