8 essential life-skills to have and why

Worried about how to move ahead in your career and life after the pandemic? Now’s the time to take stock and invest in improving your skills that will benefit you.  

Here are top eight versatile skills to master to work, live and learn better.

1. Leadership

“Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders” – goes the popular saying by the eminent American writer Tom Peters. Be a leader who inspires, motivates and empowers others to see the best in them. You can harness the opportunity of coming forth as a strong leader in today’s disruptive environment. Agile leadership is needed to tackle the ever-changing workplaces.

Why leadership matters
The willingness to take initiative and make things happen makes a leader stand out. When the attitude converts from “I can do it” to “We can do it” means you have spilled your magic.

2. Tech Savviness

Being tech savvy places you a notch above others in the digital space. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, the Internet of Things, virtual and augmented reality, and digirobotics are expected to drive future businesses. So, to ease into the new working models, explore your digital and cognitive capabilities.

Why tech savviness matters
Various digital platforms help you stay better informed about customer queries and issues and offer faster and better solutions. You can be better connected with your team as well. 

3. Communication and Emotional intelligence

Work and relationships are thriving on communication like never before. You need to be emotionally intelligent to understand and manage other people’s emotions better, especially when working from distant locations. These skills can help you forge stronger relationships, both professionally and personally.

Why EI and communication matter
Being emotionally intelligent, you communicate effectively, build better relationships and it helps keep stress at bay!  

4. Adaptability and resilience

Quick adaptability and flexibility on your part will add greater value to your work. Being adaptable, you are able or willing to change according to the situation. Being flexible makes you do this easily. Having resilience means you can endure unexpected or difficult conditions, and adapt to change without much ado.  

Why adaptability matters
Keeping abreast of the latest trends around you lets you grab the opportunity when it strikes. When adaptable, you are better prepared to survive and succeed under any circumstances.

5. Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is a common language we all use to express and share our innovative ideas and passions with. You’ve witnessed many non-healthcare manufacturers such as Mercedes F1, Gucci and Prada shifting to producing healthcare kits during the coronavirus pandemic. Such innovative tactics led these companies to better weather the storm. Creatvity helps you sail through difficult situations easily.

Why creativity matters
Creativity encourages you to think out of the box and approach and solve problems from different perspectives.

6. Critical Thinking

The skill to critically evaluate and assess information from multiple sources and deriving meaning out of it, is much valued. Hone your critical thinking to take correct decisions, gauge challenges and solutions and minimise risk.  

Why critical thinking matters
You learn to identify and differentiate between relevant and irrelevant information, adopt logical reasoning and be a better problem-solver. It’s all about thinking independently, productively and responsibly.

7. Data Analytics and Literacy

Data is at the helm of affairs of every business. Your knowledge of analysing data can come in handy when consumers are bombarded with overflowing information each moment and leaders have to take informed decisions. Deciphering information and presenting it in a user-friendly manner is not easy. So if you are skilled at it, you will be in much demand.

Why data literacy matters
If you’re gifted with the ability to read, write, and communicate complex patterns in data in simple form, be assured to play a role in defining the future strategies of enterprises.

8. Curiosity and commitment to a lifetime of learning 

The World Economic Forum predicts, in just five years,  35 per cent of the skills deemed essential today will change. So survive and stay ahead of the curve by keeping your learning curiosity alive. It pays to learn something new and grow in life. Developing curiosity can motivate you to expand your horizon and nurture new experiences.

Why curiosity matters
For the ‘Aha!’ moments which you may miss if you don’t get curious as a child and explore the unexplored territories.

Some quick sources for imbibing new skills online -
CourseraedXUdacityFutureLearn, Udemi or iversity

Scaling up your skills can fasten personal growth and strengthen businesses against any future disruptions. Also, reflect on your learning from time to time as that’s what makes it worth it.

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