We're uplifting your experience with Destination Control System (DCS) with Forward Calling* at Capital Tower to improve lift efficiency and enhance your user experience!

Unlike conventional lifts, DCS calculates the most efficient route to get to your destination, taking into account your desired destination and the number of waiting passengers. The system automatically assigns passengers to a lift, reducing travel time and the number of intervals, resulting in faster access to your office. 

In addition, DCS offers a comfortable and seamless experience for users accessing the mid and high rise zones, with its forward call technology. 

The system plans the entire journey from the time they access the turnstile, thus reducing waiting and travelling time.

*For mid rise and high rise zones


User Journey Guide and Schedule for Low, Mid & High Rise Zones

DCS for Mid Rise

DCS for High Rise

^Subject to changes

Frequently Asked Questions

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For any enquiries, please contact the Capital Tower Tenant Service Centre at 6531 6168 or email custsvc-ct@capitaland.com.