Facial Recognition at Capital Tower

In line with CapitaLand’s focus to build an office of the future ecosystem, facial recognition access control system at Capital Tower is now live.

Facial recognition access technology will replace the current access card system. For building occupiers, this means enhanced security and convenience, and faster and seamless access into the building.

While we work towards creating a seamless experience for you to access the building, rest assured that your enrolment data and facial meta data is encrypted and securely stored. In addition, the facial meta data is only recognised by the facial recognition cameras in Capital Tower.

Need more info?
For any enquiries about facial recognition, please contact the Capital Tower Tenant Service Centre at 6531 6168 or email custsvc-ct@capitaland.com.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does facial recognition technology work for building access (entry and exit)?
Facial recognition identifies an individual’s face through technology. The technology maps an individual’s facial features mathematically and stores the data as encrypted facial metadata generated by a one-way proprietary algorithm.

Each time an individual approaches the facial recognition camera at the turnstiles, the camera will match the facial features of an individual against the encrypted facial metadata. Upon authentication, the individual will have access into the building. On departure, the same facial features of the individual will be authenticated for exit.


2. How will facial recognition at the turnstiles benefit me?
Facial recognition technology at the turnstiles aims to provide faster, more secured and convenient building access.

2(a) Faster – It speeds up access as no physical interaction (with the turnstiles) is needed.

2(b) More secured – Unlike access cards which risk being misplaced or misused by someone else, your unique facial data cannot be replicated. This will further enhance the safety and security of the building, especially in situations of heightened security. 

2(c) Convenient – This handsfree method allows you building access even when your hands are full and eliminates the frustration of forgetting your access card.


3. When can we start to enrol for facial recognition?
The system will be ready for enrolment from January 2020. We are currently working with your respective office managers on the enrolment process. You may check with our Office Managers or email us at custsvc-ct@capitaland.com


4. How will my personal data, including my facial metadata be used?
Your personal data, including the facial metadata faceprint will only be used to identify you at the point of access and departure in your building, ensuring your safety and security in our premises, and a means for us to contact you in the case of an emergency.


5. Will my personal data, including my facial metadata be shared?
Your personal data, including the facial metadata, may be shared with authorities for official and investigation purposes when required. 


6. Will you be able to match my identity using my facial metadata?
No, we are not able to identify the individual as the photo of the individual will not be stored and cannot be reconstructed from the facial metadata stored. The photo taken during enrolment will be converted into facial metadata, generated by a one-way proprietary algorithm.


7. Will I be able to enter other CapitaLand office properties using my facial metadata?
No. The facial metadata is encoded with a location-specific security key and can only be recognised by the turnstile in that property. As such, you will only be granted access to the property that you are enrolled in. 


8. Will my whereabouts be tracked in CapitaLand office properties?
No. Facial recognition is only used for access control purposes and not for surveillance. 


9. What is the retention period for my facial metadata?
We will retain your facial metadata at the point of initial enrolment for the purposes it has been collected, for as long as you are working and require access into the building, and subjected to applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.


10. What will happen to my facial metadata when I am no longer working in the building? 
Your facial metadata will be deleted from our database, subjected to applicable laws, regulations and guidelines and your building access will be disabled upon notification by your office manager.


11. What are the security measures that CapitaLand has put in place to protect my data? 
The Facial Recognition system is located within CapitaLand IT's secured network, without connection to the internet and is governed by firewalls and tight security rules and policy. All sensitive data are encrypted at rest and in transit. On a periodic basis, regular audits and vulnerability assessment and penetration tests are conducted on the system. 

12. What are the implications to my personal data during a data breach?
In the unlikely situation of a data breach, there is little to no implication to the individual as the facial metadata is meaningless as it is not decipherable, cannot be traced back to the individual by a photo reconstruction and cannot be used to access any devices.

In the event of a data breach, CapitaLand's IT security incident management process will be activated. The Tenant Service Centre  will notify the office managers of the incident and provide periodic updates. 


13. Are there alternatives to facial recognition technology to enter and exit the building? 
The alternative method of accessing the turnstile will be through a dynamic Quick Response (QR) code generated via CapitaStar@Work mobile application. This feature will be ready by March 2020.


14. Will my visitors be required to enrol for facial recognition to obtain access into the building?
No. The current issuance of the card access at the concierge counter and self-help kiosk will continue. 


15. Can I still enter the building via card access after I have enrolled for facial recognition?
Yes, you can do so for now. For users who have enrolled for facial recognition, your card access will be disabled in the event of heightened security.



1. What personal data will be collected for facial recognition and QR code access?
We will collect your name and email address. During enrolment, your photo taken will be converted into a facial metadata which will be stored within CapitaLand’s secured and closed network in Capital Tower. All photos used for enrolment will be deleted. 

Protection of your personal data is important to us. All personal data collected will be processed in accordance with the CapitaLand Group’s Data Protection Policy.

For more information, please refer CapitaLand Privacy Policy here: www.capitaland.com/international/en/legal-notices/privacy-policy.html. 

2. What are the safeguard measures taken to protect my personal data? 
All data, including personal data and face metadata, are encrypted and stored within a secured CapitaLand network, data centres and servers. 


3. Can I submit a recent photograph instead?
Yes you may. To ensure a smooth and efficient access, please ensure the photograph submitted are 
(1) Recently taken
(2) Shows the front view of the user full face, hair should not cover your eyes, neutral expressions with the face positioned at the center of the photo and occupies 75% of the Photo. 
(3) Follows the general format for Passport photo. 
Click here for more information.

For your convenience, facial recognition on-boarding roadshow will commence on 18 Dec 2019 onwards at Capital Tower, level 9. More information and schedule of the roadshows will be shared shortly. 


4. How can I update my personal data?
You can update your personal data via your office representative or through our Tenant Relations Specialist by emailing custsvc-ct@capitaland.com.


5. How do I withdraw my consent for facial recognition?
You can withdraw your consent for facial recognition via your office representative or through our Tenant Relations Specialist by emailing custsvc-ct@capitaland.com. You will be notified of the successful withdrawal of your consent via email. You will not be able to access the turnstiles via facial recognition. 


6. What will happen to my data if I withdraw my consent for facial recognition?
We will remove your personal data, including your facial metadata, from our database.



For more information on data protection, please refer to CapitaLand Group’s Personal Data Protection Policy at https://www.capitaland.com/international/en/legal-notices/privacy-policy.html


Updated 9 January 2020