Visitor Management System at Capital Tower

General FAQ

  • What is this new visitor management system at Capital Tower about?

    You can now choose to invite your visitor through CapitaStar@Work, our refreshed office mobile application. Alternatively, your guest can continue to register at our Concierge when they arrive.

    If you invite your visitor through CapitaStar@Work, he will receive a QR code sent to his email address or mobile number (via SMS). Your invited guest will receive a multiple-access QR code, which will allow him multiple entry through the turnstiles.

    For your walk-in visitor, the QR code will be sent to his email address. For security reasons, walk-in visitors will receive a single-entry QR code.

    Wireless Internet access is provided at the main lobby for your visitor to access his emails.

    Download CapitaStar@Work on the App Store here or Google Play here.

  • How do I invite my visitor using CapitaStar@Work?

    Please follow these steps using the app to invite your visitor to Capital Tower:

    (i)                 Launch the Invite visitor feature in CapitaStar@Work

    (ii)                Click the ‘+’ icon to start a session

    (iii)               Select the desired Date and Floor

    (iv)               Input your visitor’s details (e.g. Name and mobile number or email address)

                        Note: You can add more visitors to a session by keying their details manually or select from ‘visitors list’ from your recent invites

    (v)                Review the details

    (vi)               Click ‘INVITE’

    Your visitor will receive the QR code via email or SMS to access the turnstiles.

  • Why can’t I see the ‘Invite visitors’ function in CapitaStar@Work?

    This could be due to either of the following reasons:

    (i)                  You have signed up as a ‘Public User’ instead of a ‘Tenant User’.

    For security reasons, this feature is only available to tenants. If you are a tenant and this feature is not showing in the app, please contact us at for assistance.

    (ii)                You have an older version of the app

    You may be using an older version of the app. Please check your App Store/Google Play Store regularly for updates to enjoy the latest features of the app. If the problem persists even after you have updated the app, please contact us at for assistance.

  • What should I do if my visitor did not receive the QR code?

    You can resend the QR code to your visitor by following these steps:

    (i)                  Launch the Invite visitor feature in CapitaStar@Work

    (ii)                You should see current and future sessions

    (iii)               Click on the desired session to expand the list to show the visitor you have invited

    (iv)               Click ‘Resend’

    If your visitor still has not received the QR code via SMS or email, please contact for assistance.

  • How would my visitor use the issued QR code to access the turnstiles?

    Scan the QR code provided with the camera of the facial recognition tablet at the turnstiles. The QR code must be displayed clearly and in full.

    Your visitor will receive the QR code along with usage instructions. Our Concierge team will also be available to assist your visitor. 

  • Does this mean that my visitor can access the turnstiles directly without registering at the Concierge?

    Yes. The QR code issued to your visitor will allow him seamless access through the turnstiles. However, in light of the current health situation, all visitors will have to comply with applicable Authorities’ and CapitaLand’s visitor access policies, including additional registration and declaration, where required.

  • What is the validity of the issued QR code?

    The QR code is valid throughout the visitation period. Using CapitaStar@Work, you can invite your visitor up to 5 consecutive days and the QR code will be valid for multiple entry and exit during this period.

  • What if my visitor is unable to access the turnstiles using the issued QR code?

    Please have your guest approach our Concierge team for assistance. 

  • How will my visitor access the turnstiles if she doesn’t have her phone or access to her email?

    The Concierge team will issue a printed QR code which can be similarly scanned at the facial recognition tablet for access. 

For more information, please contact the Capital Tower Tenant Service Centre at

Updated 13 July 2020