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Wine & Dine 

Can’t figure out what to eat, or which bar to hit up this weekend? Then dig in with us as we uncover the latest and greatest in Singapore’s food and beverage scene!

Fashion & Beauty

Whether it’s the latest trends or classic mainstays, find out all you need to know about the best in fashion and beauty here.

Get the latest scoop on what's trending as THE FAB INTERN uncovers the latest runway style ideas and beauty tips. Find out what's flying off the racks and how to complement these runway inspired pieces into your everyday wear. Perfect your look with the hottest make-up styles and must have skincare products to keep you in vogue. 


Things to do in Singapore

No idea what to do and where to go during the weekends? Fret not! Whether it's ditching your clubbing plans on a Friday night or pamering yourself from head to toe, here are some alternatives of the fun things to do in Singapore. 

New Kids on the Blog

Be the first to find out about new stores that open at our shopping malls.