Flyman23 Figurine - Funan Exclusive (BLAXK by ActionCity)

Deal Details

25 May - 28 May
Be among the privileged few to own the highly coveted Flyman23 limited edition figurine, a symbol of basketball excellence adorned in the iconic Chicago Bulls jersey inspired by the legendary Michael Jordan.
Spend $300 in a single receipt at Funan and redeem a priority pass* to purchase the Flyman23 Figurine at BLAXK by ActionCity. Limited stocks available.  

*Flash your same-day receipt at our Funan Concierge at Basement 2 (next to Lobby C) to redeem the priority pass and exchange the priority pass at BLAXK by ActionCity (#01-03) to purchase the Flyman23 Figurine. Other terms and conditions apply.
  • Terms & Conditions
    1.1 Flyman23 Figurine - Funan Exclusive (the “Promotion”) is exclusive to members of CapitaStar Rewards (referred to as “Eligible Shopper”). Eligible Shoppers must snap the receipt through their CapitaStar App on the same day of purchase during the Promotion Period and only approved receipt will qualify for this Promotion.

    Shoppers can download the CapitaStar mobile applications and sign up within the app as a member to qualify and participate in this Promotion. Refer to CapitaStar Rewards Programme for more details on this Programme. 

    1.2 The Promotion is organised by CapitaLand Retail Management Pte Ltd (“Organiser”) and shall be governed by these terms and conditions (“T&Cs”).

    1.3 The promotion period (“Promotion Period”) is from 25 May - 28 May 2023, both dates inclusive.

    1.4 The Promotion mechanics of the “Flyman23 Figurine - Funan Exclusive” are as follows:

    1.4.1    Eligible Shoppers must spend the minimum transactional value of $300 ("Qualifying Spend") at Funan to redeem one (1) Priority Pass ("Reward"). The Priority Pass allows for the eligible shopper to purchase one (1) Flyman23 Figurine from BLAXK By ActionCity (#01-03).

    1.5     The Reward in this Promotion must be redeemed at Funan Concierge at Basement 2 (next to Lobby C) with proof of receipt. The priority passes are provided on a first-come-first-served basis and redemption are subject to availability, while stocks last.

    2.       ELIGIBILITY
    2.1 Without limiting the generality of the above, the following persons shall not be eligible for the Promotion:

    a.   employees of any retail tenants in the Participating Malls; and

    b.   persons who the Organiser may decide to exclude at its discretion without notice and without providing any reason, at any time.

    2.2 The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any member who is found at any time (whether before or after the receipt of any Reward) to be in breach of the relevant eligibility or qualifying criteria. Any Reward awarded to any member may be forfeited, and if collected, shall be returned to the Organiser promptly and may be dealt with the Organiser’s sole discretion.

    3.1 Only the total final amount paid as indicated on the tax invoice(s)/ receipt(s) issued by the participating store(s) will be accepted for this Promotion. NETS or credit/debit card transaction slips are not acceptable in place of original copies of shopping receipts.

    3.2 Notwithstanding Clause 1.4 of this Terms and Conditions hereinabove, receipt(s) from car grooming services, SingPost transactions, purchase of parking coupons, purchase or top up of Cashcard / stored value cards, purchase or top up of stores’ membership card, gift cards and vouchers (i.e. CapitaVouchers / eCapitaVouchers or participating stores’ vouchers), SISTIC transactions, AXS / SAM machines transactions and bill payments, purchase of lottery tickets, purchase of movie tickets and food and beverages at cinema, any transactions at pawn shops and money changer, bank and other financial institutions’ transactions, transactions from pushcarts and stalls at temporary roadshows at the participating malls, and transactions from supermarkets (Cold Storage, FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, and GIANT) are not eligible for use as a receipt in this Promotion. For purchases of goods and services made by instalments, only the instalment receipt showing the value of the purchase(s) made on the same day of the redemption, will be eligible for use as a receipt in this Promotion for CapitaStar Rewards programme. Receipt(s) from deposit placements, order placements, and payments using tenant / credit card loyalty points will not be accepted for the purposes of this Promotion.

    3.3 The Organiser may reject any tax invoice, receipts and/or charge slip as invalid at its sole and absolute discretion, and such determination shall be final and conclusive.

    3.4 The Organiser reserves the right to verify all purchases made by the Eligible Shopper and the tax invoice(s)/ receipt(s) before processing the redemption of the Reward in the Promotion.

    3.5 Receipts shall be considered expended for the purposes of this Promotion and other promotions in the CapitaLand Mall when it is used to redeem the Reward. Receipts cannot be used for redemption of multiple Rewards. Receipts cannot be used for redemption of more than one promotion at any CapitaLand Mall.

    3.6         The Organiser and its partner(s) (if any) in this Promotion reserve the right to change, vary, replace, substitute, amend, withdrawal or cancel this Promotion and/or any of the terms and conditions herein at their sole and absolute discretion and without prior notice or any liability to any party.

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