Kate Spade New York Kate Spade Holiday Collection

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23 Nov - 26 Dec
To us, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year — and this one feels particularly special as we are able to, finally, get together again. To dance, to hug, to kiss, to laugh, to drink, to dine, and, of course, to dress up.

The collection is inspired by all the indulgences of a roaring holiday celebration in New York City and the wild adventures that come along with an endless night on the town.

The subway ride to the party, tote bag in hand, filled with presents and champagne bottles.

The sparkle and shine at the party, the candlelight, roses and dance-all-night tunes that fill the air.

All around, the sight of red lipstick, pearls, jewels, furs, velvet glitter and bows. Decadent handbags, dancing shoes galore. Everyone at the party is the party. A late night stop for pizza keeps the classic Manhattan style going, as does a nightcap under the stars. Now, does anyone know where we picked up this sparkly little bunny in our evening?

New York, we love you. To all a sparkly night.

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