MOS Burger MOS Burger New Launch: Wagyu Temptation

Deal Details

05 May - 05 Jun
Shake up your tastebuds with a new Wagyu burger of your choice! Smoky? Premium?  Juicy? We have it all!

Wagyu Beef patty paired with a symphony of sweet, savoury sauce encased within MOS soft buns with a tender Wagyu patty, it's Teriyaki Glazed Wagyu Burger for everyone and you!

Imagine dripping BBQ Wagyu Sauce paired with caramelised onions and a freshly cooked Wagyu Beef patty at your reach! It’s Premium Smoked Wagyu Burger!

Don’t forget to get your hands on our new Gourmet Wagyu Burger! Crispy, smoky turkey bacon, with juicy pineapples that oozes inside your mouth & zesty Orange sauce guarantees you a mouth-watering treat that you cannot resist! 

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