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01 Oct - 02 Dec
Introducing three brand NEW and TASTY dishes to whet your appetite! 

Fire up with the Glacé Fiery Chicken 蜜制辣子鸡, well-marinated and coated with White Restaurant's homemade sweet and spicy sauce, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside!

The Seafood & Conpoy with Tofu 西施豆腐 features the soft and silky tofu deep fried to a golden crisp, atop the all-star healthful broccoli and succulent prawns, with a final touch of premium conpoy and mushroom gravy for that extra flavour!

Popular with the young and old, the Claypot Pork with Salted Fish 沙煲咸鱼猪颈肉 stands the test of time with stir-fried sliced pork and salted fish bits simmered in White Restaurant's premium stock with a touch of fragrant sesame oil. 

These dishes will only be available till 2 December 2019, try them today!

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