Old Chang Kee New Oppa 오빠 Fried Chicken 2

Deal Details

25 Apr
Callingall Old Chang Kee fans! Remember the delicious NEW OPPA 오빠 FRIED CHICKEN we launched back in November 2023? It was our first foray into Korean-inspired fried chicken on the promotional menu, and you loved it! 

The NEWOPPA 오빠 FRIED CHICKEN was such a big hit with our customers and guess what? We are back with an upgrade! Our very own Old Chang Kee OPPA Ambassador aka Hobin Oppa now returns with:

The OPPA 오빠 FRIED CHICKEN VERSION 2  which comes in the form of a convenient cup, filled with 8 bite-sized pieces of our juicy, golden brown Chicken Chunky Pops Glazed with our irresistible and addictive soy garlic sauce and topped with garlic flakes for an extra burst of flavour and texture.

The OPPA 오빠 FRIED CHICKEN VERSION 2 will be available for sale at all Old Chang Kee outlets from 17 April 2024 onwards at$5 per cup. They will also be available for orders on our delivery partners’ platforms too such as GrabFood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo.

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