Step Up with GreenUP

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10 Jan - 31 Dec

Step Up with GreenUP

With the SP Utilities App, you can adopt sustainable habits and a green lifestyle. Step up and take the energy saving challenge to reduce your utilities consumption for your household and earn rewards.

Who says that Sustainable Living is boring? Take part in our Energy Challenge today and discover new and fun ways to go green! You can also take a short quiz and discover your electricity usage persona. Find others who have the same values as you and get personalized tips on reducing your electricity consumption. Also, invite your family members and friends to view your utilities consumption and bills. Get your entire household onboard in managing utilities.

Complete your GreenUP challenges and activities and earn “Leaves” to grow your plant. As your plant grows, you unlock exclusive rewards and redeem at discounted rates from our partner – CapitaStar. Download your SP Utilities app today and lead your Sustainable Lifestyle!


Download the CapitaStar App to earn!

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